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  • Thursday, November, 2023| Today's Market | Current Time: 11:01:37
    • Cities like Rajkot, Ankleshwar, Hazira, and Jamnagar witnessing high demand
    • Targeting 20 percent growth in overall revenue
    • Expecting a 2x fold in their overall business
    • Expecting an overall addressable market of about 20k+ vehicles

    Elixia Tech Solutions is expanding its business in Gujarat and will provide services to the Industrial and Chemical Manufacturing sectors. Gujarat is the central hub for Mechanical, Chemical Manufacturing, and Oil and Gas manufacturers. Due to the increase in business in recent times, these players are witnessing a massive increase in demand for tech-enabled logistic players in the region.

    Elixia Tech Solutions is one of the leading tech logistic service provider expanding their services in the state of Gujarat. They are expecting a growth of 20% in their overall revenue due to this business expansion with a target of 100% business growth in Gujarat. From Gujarat, Elixia is expecting a 2x fold in their overall business and an overall addressable market of about 20k+ vehicles. Elixia aims to provide end-to-end digitalized solutions for these vehicles at an approximate cost of Rs.300 per vehicle per month.

    Gujarat is rapidly emerging as the most preferred hub for various industrial players. Cities like Rajkot, Ankleshwar, Hazira, and Jamnagar are the major cities with a very high demand for logistics players. Due to the presence of Chemical industries, and Oil and Gas plants in these regions the need for import-export is very high. Elixia Tech Solutions is one of the leading players in the sector looking forward to meeting the demand.

    Speaking about the expansion plan Mr. Sanket Sheth, Founder and Managing Director, Elixia said,” We are very excited with this new phase of our business. We are fully equipped to cater to the increasing demand in the sector. We have multiple channel partners in Gujarat that would be specializing in specific sectors for faster deployment of solutions. Depending on the increasing demand in the market, we are also planning to employ more on-ground manpower for better implementation of our services.”

    The logistics sector is the backbone of economic growth. The efficiency of the logistics network is one of the major factors for the growth of other sectors. The market post-pandemic has picked up a great pace with a high demand for efficient and tech-enabled logistic players. The cost of logistics in India continues to remain high in comparison to developed and other competing countries. The key contributor to this high cost is the infrastructure scenario of the state. Ministry of Commerce and Industry (MoCI) ranks states based on their performance in the logistics sector as per the Logistics Ease across Different States (LEADS) index. Gujarat ranked 1st in the LEADS index for the past three years.

    Elixia Connect is India’s first WhatsApp-driven, end-to-end tech-powered logistics marketplace that provides shippers and transporters a common platform to interact and negotiate to meet their on-ground logistics requirements. Whereas, Elixia Lite is a lighter version of the supply chain control tower that helps in fleet maintenance to order allocation, tracking to delivery documentation, etc. at an affordable yet seamless operational efficiency across all the logistics operations.


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