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  • Endeavour 4×2 Test Drive, Review

    Published on October 8, 2010

    We just drove the two wheel drive Ford Endeavour and as expected, it doesn’t feel much different than the 4×4 version of the SUV. It uses the same 3.0-litre 153bhp engine and it is a strong performer. There is loads of torque available and the Endeavour pulls from low engine speeds with lot of enthusiasm.

    The motor is smooth and is quite free revving too. But after about 4000rpm, it starts feeling out of breath. Half throttle responses are rewarding and this is where the Endeavour feels the best.

    The 3.0-litre TDCi engine is available only with a 5-speed auto gearbox. The gearshifts are smooth and the box is well matched to the power characteristics of the engine. It is quick to respond to change in position of your right foot and it downshifts willingly. We expect it to be a tad quicker than the heavier four wheel drive version of the car.

    The only downside though is whenever you go off the throttle the automatic clutch disengages and the car starts idling. There is no engine braking whatsoever (even in manual mode) and you have to work hard with the brakes to bring this mammoth SUV to a halt. Brake pedal feel is a bit wooden and after some hard braking we discovered that the brakes would fade a bit.

    It’s a practical car too. You get three rows of seat and it has lot of storage spaces. The first and second row seats are spacious and pretty comfortable. But the third row is a bit cramped and the high floor means there is not much under thigh support.

    You do get skimped off some features in the 4X2 Endeavour compared to the 4X4 variant. You will miss a DVD player with touch screen display, navigation system, reverse camera and bluetooth connectivity.

    The Endeavour 3.0-litre 4×2 is Rs 1.14lakh cheaper than its 4×4 sibling and is the one to go for if you want the looks of a brawny SUV but not a hardcore offroader


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