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  • Everything You Need To Know About RBL Credit Card Statement

    Published on October 14, 2020

    Keeping a careful eye on your credit card statements can prevent you from losing money! Yes, credit card statements, though underrated, can be exceptionally useful when managing your finances. Besides painting an accurate picture of your monthly expenses, it gives you a micro-level view of where your money goes. As a result, you can monitor your expenses and manage them better so that you can plan ahead. You can even use it to identify transactional errors which would otherwise, unknowingly, have you pay more than you should. Also, the due date on it helps you to remember to pay on time so that you do not have to pay hefty interest on your bill, nor negatively impact your credit score.

    Now that the importance has been established of viewing and evaluating your credit card statement, let us address the vital question here- ‘how do you get your credit card statement?’

    If you are a Bajaj Finserv RBL Bank SuperCard holder, you can get your RBL credit card statement one through several channels, as well as via offline means.

    Ways to Check Your RBL Credit Card Statement

    You can check the RBL Credit Card Statement Online by any of the four methods mentioned below-

    1.       The credit card statement can be found on the RBL Bank App, known as RBL MyCard App.

    2.       The Bajaj Finserv customer portal, Experia, also gives you your RBL bank SuperCard statement, when you enter your card details.

    3.       The RBL bank credit card statement can be downloaded using the net banking facility available with your bank account. Online banking services are fast, efficient and easy to avail.

    4.       Email is another great way of getting timely access to your credit card. It is safe and quick as it is sent to your registered email ID.

    If not online, you can also get your RBL Bank credit card statement offline. For this, you need to provide your postal address to the company and request them to send your statements by post.

    Once you have your RBL credit card statement available to you, the next step would be to understand the information mentioned in the statement.

    What Can You Find In Your RBL Credit Card Statement?

    The RBL Bank credit card statement would help you get an idea about several crucial factors related to your card. These include-

    1.       Transaction details- This is a detailed list of all transactions, credit and debit, made using the credit card.

    2.       Due Date of Payment- This is the date by which you would need to clear the outstanding bill on your credit card. If within this date, payment isn’t made, interest will be charged on your pending bill.

    3.       Payment due- This signifies the total amount of money that you require to repay for the spends on your credit card.  Paying the full amount before the payment due date would save you from paying interest on the bill.

    4.       Minimum payment due- At the end of a billing cycle, this is the minimum amount you need to pay from the total payment due, in case you aren’t able to pay the full bill.

    5.       Credit limit – This is the pre-determined limit on the amount of money you can spend using your credit card.  With every transaction, the available credit on the card decreases. Once the billing cycle is over, the available amount on your card is mentioned in the statement.

    6.       Cash limit – This is the limit of cash you can withdraw using an RBL credit card. The amount withdrawn is interest-free for 50 days. 

    7.       Reward points –Reward points earned by purchasing items using the credit card is also mentioned in the statement. You can compare the opening and closing reward points.

    A credit card statement is an excellent means of throwing light on your financial situation. The consolidated account of your transactions, pending balance, and available funds would help you prioritize better so that you do not find yourself in a debt spiral. Download the Finserv MARKETS App to know more.