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  • For the first time in Andhra Pradesh, American Oncology Institute Introduces World’s Most Advanced Radiation Therapy – ‘Varian Halcyon’

    Published on July 12, 2021

    Guntur: American Oncology Institute (AOI), South Asia’s leading chain of cancer hospitals, has introduced ‘Varian Halcyon’ – world’s most advanced radiation therapy system’s in Guntur facility of AOI (Bommidala Cancer Hospital) for cancer treatment. 

    American Oncology Institute, Guntur is the first hospital in Andhra Pradesh to offer the advantage of advanced technology with the latest facilities administered by specialized and internationally reputed doctors. 

    Halycon is designed to revolutionize radiotherapy through innovation. The system’s fast and high-quality treatment comforts the patients and, undoubtedly, enables the doctors to set new benchmarks in cancer care and raise the bar in efficiency of diagnosis and treatment. 

    Mahendra Reddy, Regional Director, American Oncology Institute expressed, “Halcyon is a major milestone in Andhra Pradesh with an aim to deliver the best and technologically advanced patient care. We will extend all the benefits of AOI’s rich pedigree in precision cancer care -clinical expertise, recent advances in technology, and committed care- to equip, support, and lead the fight against cancer.” 

    The system is designed to deliver precise image-guided, volumetric, intensity-modulated radiation therapy (IMRT). It is four times faster than standard technology i.e. images can be acquired in less than 15 seconds, and treatment can be administered in about two minutes, reducing the time on the table and optimizing the delivery of the treatment plan. This technique has revolutionized cancer treatment and improved the survival and quality of life of cancer patients. Halcyon is operational at Guntur Facility and patients can avail the services.  


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