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  • Sunday, June, 2024| Today's Market | Current Time: 04:26:24
  • Hyderabad,:Several members of Lodge Keys No. 297, the primary unit of Freemasons, a 3000 years old global NGO paid Homage to Martyrs of Pulwama in a Standing Committee meeting held here in the city at Goshamahal Baradari Masonic building on Friday night.

    The members of the Lodge Keys No. 297 Ashok Kumar, Praful Shagal, D.Ramchandram, Proddaturu Veerbhadrudu, Raghu Ananthoju, Harti Prasada, P.S. Chiranjeevi, Manvendra Mishra, Devraj Solanki, Burla Ritesh, Y. Lakshminarayana, Sreenivas Gunda, Radheyshyam Shukla, Gampa Nageshwar Rao, Vijay Kailash Beerval, Aju Abdul Kareem wearing tricolur turbans, tri colour Hats, Sashay with patriotic messages, National Flags and Playcards paid their Homage.  Some of them wrapped their heads with a I Love India painted headgear.  They paid salutations to the true sons of India

    They saluted the heroes who let us sleep in peace with heavy heart.

    They praised valour of the Indian Army.  They are the real heroes they said. Soldier either do or die. They comeback hoisting the tricolour or they come back wrapped in it. That is the commitment of the Army observed a member Ashok.

    According to Grand Lodge of India, the apex body of Freemasonry in India 450 lodges(primary units, also called clubs) are paying Homage to Martyrs of Pulwama terror attack.  A circular has also been issued by the Grand Master, the organisation all India head of Grand Lodge of India.


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