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  • Fresh Seafood Even in Monsoon

    Published on July 16, 2014

    Monsoons bring a much-awaited relief from the heat of the summer. But all good things come with their own downsides and if you are a seafood lover, the monsoons IMG_00026819can be a very testing time indeed with erratic supplies and poor quality fish, almost always not fresh.

    As a seafood lover, the magic of the monsoons seems incomplete without your favourite food. Why should the rains prevent you from enjoying what you love? Why should quality and freshness be compromised during the monsoons?

    Below is a check-list of do’s and don’ts when it comes to consuming seafood during the rains. Please follow these and you should continue to have a great seafood experience even in the monsoons. It is key to know your supplier and the source of his/her seafood; the monsoon is a period when fishing is typically banned on the West Coast of India- from Gujarat all the way down the Konkan belt to Goa.

    Feel free to ask the following questions to your seafood supplier:

    Where is the seafood from and is it freshly caught?

    Has the fish been handled hygienically after being caught?

    How many days after fishing has the fish reached you?

    Also, please examine the seafood carefully to ensure freshness. Here are some tips:

    Are the gills blood red?

    When you press the skin, does it bounce back and not sink in?

    Is there any foul odour from the seafood?

    Are the fish big enough and not small in size for the species?

    The above questions and tips, if answered to your satisfaction should provide you with a great seafood experience in the rains.

    PescaFresh is India’s 1st Organized Seafood Distribution and Retailing Company which has ushered a unique concept of delivery of 100% fresh and customized seafood to the doorstep of the seafood consumer 365 days a year irrespective of seasonal vagaries.

    During the monsoon months, PescaFresh, India’s Leading fresh seafood brand, sources their seafood from the East Coast of India, which is not affected by the monsoon. They not only ensure you keep enjoying your favourite seafood this rainy season, but also make sure that the cycle of the fish in the monsoon areas is not impacted.

    At Pescafresh, it is their endeavor to provide the freshest fish to their customers come what may. At Pescafresh they have initiated a lot of firsts in the seafood distribution business. Through superior supply chain management they source only fresh seafood, from more than 30 sources around India. During the monsoon, they source only from places on the East Coast, which have already completed their monsoons and hence are open for fishing. When fishing is not allowed on the East Coast, they only supply from the West Coast.

    All your fish is 100% fresh and Pescafresh guarantees the safety of the products that it sells with complete money back/ replacement commitment. They believe in sustainable fishing and strictly do not sell seafood that is breeding, smaller in size and which is typically of no commercial value to the fishermen. Their superior quality control, sourcing agents and direct linkages with fishermen allow them to avail the best quality seafood found in the country.

    PescaFresh believes that there is only one quality standard, the highest. It is either this level of quality or no sourcing at all.

    Now sit back, relax, feel the rains, soak up the weather, and enjoy your favourite seafood. Make merry this monsoon with your favourite seafood items, back on your table.

    Source : Sachin Murdeshwar


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