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  • Jinko Solar is enriching the next generation of sustainably minded individuals with its continued commitment to supporting quality education opportunities and programs.

    Education is a touchstone of society crucial to sustainable development and significant advancements like the global transition to renewable energy. As a solar industry leader, Jinko Solar is dedicated to promoting quality education and ushering in a green future, and has sponsored a variety of transformative educational outlets for its employees, the local communities, and those in need. Here’s an overview of Jinko Solar’s continued commitment to education.

    Supporting ESL Students

    In celebration of the company bringing its operations to Florida, Jinko Solar partnered with Catholic Charities Jacksonville in 2021 to provide technology to refugee students enrolled in English as a second language classes. This program teaches English to refugees adjusting to life in America from around the world, including countries like Afghanistan, Cuba, and Sudan. Jinko Solar has donated a total of 70 laptops to Catholic Charities Jacksonville for students in the program who can’t afford their own devices, including several enrolled company employees. Jinko Solar also provided one year of free high-speed internet for 30 families in need.

    “We recently learned that we employ people which CCBJAX has helped, and we are so impressed with their desire to work hard and become valued members of the Jacksonville community,” said Mike Favo, GM of Jinko Solar U.S. Industries. “The [ESL] program plays a significant role in their personal success; we are humbled that our contribution is a tool in their journey.”

    Jinko Solar’s donation has allowed students to take classes remotely — a necessity during the pandemic — which translates into financial savings as students avoid the commute to class. These laptops continue to be passed down to new ESL students, providing valuable educational opportunities for refugees for the foreseeable future.

    P Is for Power

    As one of the world’s largest solar manufacturers and suppliers, Jinko Solar has made significant efforts to provide clean energy to schools and campuses with solar panel donations. These donations not only aid in reducing the carbon footprints and operating costs of educational institutions, but often have the potential to power neighboring communities with any surplus energy produced.

    In addition to powering schools that lack reliable access to the grid, Jinko Solar has used these solar donations to further collaborative industry research. In 2013, the company partnered with a university to construct an experimental photovoltaic power plant on campus for research purposes. This system has provided key insights into solar power generation.

    A New School of Thought

    Not only has Jinko Solar powered schools around the globe, it has also empowered youth by funding schools. Jinko Solar Chairman Li Xiande has donated over $2 million for the construction of the Qingmiao Experimental Primary School in China’s Hengfeng County, where the company operates a 100 megawatt power plant.

    This primary school, completed in 2019, provides a six-year education for 1,200 students, many of whom come from disadvantaged backgrounds. Jinko Solar has continued investment in the success of Qingmiao’s students and offers scholarship opportunities to allow for individualized learning and development based on a student’s interests and potential. As of 2022, the quality and number of outstanding students at Qingmiao Experimental Primary School ranked No. 1 in all of Hengfeng County.

    As a longtime partner with the organization Everybody Solar, Jinko Solar has donated solar arrays to several educational nonprofit institutions to reduce their costs of operating. In 2019, Jinko donated a 30.2-kilowatt solar array to the Eugene Science Center in Oregon. The ESC is devoted to engaging children in scientific and technological learning, and this array helps to save the institution over $1,800 in annual electrical costs.

    This solar array was installed alongside a new solar power exhibit that will provide data on the system’s energy generation and offer guests insight into how the sun interacts with solar panels to create electricity.

    “We’re thrilled to finally bring solar energy to Eugene Science Center and are eager to engage our community in the many benefits of this and other sustainable energy resources,” said Tim Scott, executive director of the Eugene Science Center. “Not only does this installation make us more sustainable, but it allows us to provide more educational programming to our community thanks to the annual utility savings the array provides.”

    Leveraging Expertise

    With a company mission of optimizing the energy portfolio and enabling a sustainable future, Jinko Solar is committed to leveraging its expertise as an industry leader to educate the public on renewable energy and the importance of a global clean energy transition.

    The company recently took part in the COP28 United Nations Climate Change Conference in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, engaging with stakeholders ranging from heads of state and government to private sector leaders, civil society representatives, and international organizations. At the event, Jinko Solar delivered a keynote speech titled “Solar Is All, Solar Is for All” about the need for collaboration in promoting an equitable and affordable renewable energy transition.

    “Collaborative action is urgently needed to deliver an equitable energy transition. COP28 provides an excellent forum for real progress to be made toward climate action,” stated Dany Qian, vice president of Jinko Solar.


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