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  • Sunday, October, 2021| Today's Market | Current Time: 07:10:31
  • GAIL (India) Limited, the country’s leader in Natural Gas, has started its #EnergizingLowCarbonFuture campaign for digital and social media platforms to expand into greener energy verticals such as renewables and ethanol. GAIL’s primary business: Natural Gas – is eco-friendly and also facilitates environment friendly initiative in line with ease of living. Now, the company is leveraging its position to go greener in line with the vision of the Government and Hon’ble Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi to cut carbon emissions and pollution.

    As part of the #EnergizingLowCarbonFuture campaign, GAIL will organize discussion forums and opinion polls on social media platforms, besides making a number of videos and posts on renewables and how Natural Gas will be a bridge fuel towards a low carbon future.

    The campaign follows the company’s ambitious plans to invest substantially to build a portfolio of at least 1 gigawatts of renewable energy and set up Compressed Biogas (CBG) as well as ethanol plants as it steps up efforts to expand the business beyond natural gas.

    As part of a push to embrace cleaner forms of energy, GAIL which has a natural gas pipeline network of over 13,700 KM is further augmenting a pipeline network of over 6,700 KM.

    The laying of pipeline infrastructure envisages to connect consumption centers to gas sources. While electricity generated from solar energy or through wind power is the cleanest form of energy, converting municipal waste into compressed biogas will supplement the availability of cleaner fuel to automobiles and households.

    Through #EnergizingLowCarbonFuture campaign, GAIL reiterates its commitment towards shaping a sustainable future for Atmanirbhar Bharat.