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  • Ge Gas Power Strengthens Regional Supply Chain And Collaborations

    Published on September 27, 2021

    New Delhi: In continuation of its commitment to further strengthen collaboration with regional suppliers, GE Gas Power organized the Middle East, Africa, and South Asia (MEASA) Partnership Summit 2021. Representatives of up to220 organizations from over 30 countries attended the event, which was held under the theme ‘Grow Global Reach, Drive Regional Impact’.

    Deepesh Nanda, CEO, GE Gas PowerSouth Asia said,“GE has a strong focus to enhance its suppliers’ ecosystem, as suppliers play a critical role in helping us to meet customer needs and deliver better results. They act as strategic partners to us in moving up in the value chain. In order to enable our suppliers to achieve scale, we constantly work and invest to equip them with necessary knowledge, training and technology. It helps us to achieve operational excellence and streamline sourcing activities within the region, while contributing towards economic development and job creation aligned to national development goals.”

    In 2020, GE Gas Power worked with over 150 suppliers within region as well as globally, to support various services and projects across South Asia. Additionally, GE Gas Power has actively developed over 75 regional companies as export partners for worldwide requirements, meeting global standards of safety, quality, delivery, and competitiveness.

    The Partnership Summit is held annually and enables participants to identify the opportunities and address the challenges of delivering cleaner, more accessible energy that people depend on across the region. This year’s event had a special focus on adapting to the COVID-19 pandemic and a rapidly evolving energy landscape focused on addressing the need for more sustainable, affordable, and reliable power. It was organized as a week-long virtual forum that included broadcasts, online trainings, an interactive question and answer session, as well as one-on-one meetings between various suppliers and GE’s leadership teams. The agenda encompassed sessions on safety and compliance; the future of energy across MEASA;regional market dynamics; deep dives on key products, services, and projects; supply chain and sourcing overviews; the benefits of inclusion and diversity at the workplace; and cyber-security.

    The Summit also included a ‘Key Suppliers’ awards ceremony to recognize the achievements of organizations that delivered exceptional outcomes in the areas of Safety, Quality, Delivery, Competitiveness and Culture. From India, Connect & Heal and Diligent SCM were recognized in the ‘Safety’ category – for ensuring adherence to safety standards while delivering to the customers despite the COVID-19 situation; Horiba was recognized in the ‘Competitiveness’ category for implementing innovative ways to bring in cost optimization and driving operational excellence; and Koso India was recognized under ‘Delivery’ category for nurturing and exhibiting the on-time every-time delivery culture. These companies are critical to GE Gas Power’s strategy for growing with supplier partners in India, offering world-class equipment and services for our global as well as regional markets.

    GE is contributing towards innovation and transformation of various sectors including power in India for more than 120 years. 50 per cent of all power produced, transmitted and distributed in India is through GE equipment and systems. GE Gas Power has an installed base of over 260 gas turbines in India. In South Asia, including India, the company has a robust portfolio of gas turbine technologies including H-class, E-class, F-class, Frame 6, aero-derivatives, and steam turbines.


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