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  • Godrej Tyson Celebrates Women’s Day with #RealGoodMan

    Published on March 9, 2014

    Mumbai : Godrej Tyson Foods Ltd. (GTFL) celebrated Women’s Day on a thought of equipoise starting from the kitchen. As the Godrej Tysontheme for this year’s International Women’s Day is “inspiring change”, the campaign #RealGoodMan was based on the context that, if kitchen is a metaphor for life, a real good man considers himself as an equal contributor to a woman’s equality and her success. He becomes a pillar of strength and source of inspiration and a co-creator of the recipe for success.

    The campaign encouraged people to think equality by asking them what a “real good man” would do to inspire change. It was a run up to the International Women’s Day and culminated with a masterclass by Chef Vicky Ratnani, Consultant Chef, Godrej Tyson. Sameer Malkani, the Co-Founder of Food Bloggers Association, India (FBAI) joined Chef Vicky to inspire every man to think equality through a symbolic gesture of demonstration on how to cook quick & easy chicken recipe.

    Vicky Ratnani, Consultant Chef, Godrej Tyson said, “This is a very inspiring thought and I completely support the idea of men sharing the responsibilities with women, even if it means something as simple as cooking in the kitchen. This is the kind of change we want to see in our country today”.

    Some of the tweets received on twitter during the campaign:

    #RealGoodMan is not defined by what he has or what he does but by what he is 🙂 – @nishad_lad08

    #RealGoodMan is one who behaves like a gentleman in the presence of a woman & treats her like a lady – @karmagal91

    Through this unique concept, Godrej Tyson endeavored to inspire change by inviting men to demonstrate their support in social media campaign #Realgoodman. Until now, most of the messages on women’s day have been focusing on women. We have heard people urge women to be empowered, independent and strong. To see true equality in society we need equal participation from both men and women.

    Source : Sachin Murdeshwar