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  • Great Place To Work® Felicitates Top 10 India’s Best NGOs to Work For™ 2022

    Published on October 14, 2022

    New Delhi   : Great Place To Work® India has announced Top 10 India’s Best NGOs to Work For™ 2022. The annual list of India’s Best NGOs to Work For™ represents that any organization regardless of its size or industry can be a Great Place To Work – meaning that the organization empowers all individuals to reach their full potential.  The study shows that NGOs have and will continue to be the key contributors to India’s HDI Indicators as well as improving the standard of living for the underprivileged population, either through direct employment or by the way of their impact.

    Today, with the young generation entering the workforce – the future looks bright. The latest study on India’s Best NGOs to Work For ™ 2022 finds that the younger generation wants to work with companies that reflect their personal values. Not only this, but the younger generation wants to buy products from brands that are creating a positive impact. Hence, it’s imperative for NGOs to build and sustain a great workplace culture to attract/retain quality talent and continue to create significant impact. The Best Workplaces in this segment are a true reflection of this.

    “Organizations around the world dedicate their efforts to protecting human rights and public support is important for their success as they tend to have a greater impact when backed by strong public advocacy. NGOs are one such examples of groups. Diving deep in the middle of communities, NGOs can ensure that the poorest of the poor in India experience sustainable growth and access equal opportunities. 

    They are steadfastly becoming the pillars of societal development in India. Not only that, but NGOs are also becoming choice for people looking for career with a sense of purpose and wanting to contribute for a societal cause, Hence, it becomes imperative to enhance employee experience of the people working in this sector. At Great Place to Work, India, we take this responsibility and are mindful of the impact it creates. 

    Our research today, finds that NGOs on an average plan to increase their workforce by 19% which brings forth an urgency in being able to attract quality talent with the limitations that organizations in this segment have. It’s heartening to see NGOs consistently maintaining and getting better at creating a positive work environment for their people.  

    In our research we also found that there are aspects which largely enable NGOs to create a transparent culture and instil pride amongst their employees: Values and Purpose.

    Our study shows that NGOs that have successfully embedded meaningful values within the organization through their leaders experience significantly higher intent to stay, have higher advocacy, motivation and pride as compared to those that haven’t been able to.

    We hope to see increased support for NGOs by way of volunteering and financial support as organizations are also focusing on being more socially and environmentally responsible to attract and retain their people.

    Congratulations to all our winners for this coveted recognition, the journey of Making India a Great Place To Work For All is only getting started!” – Yeshasvini Ramaswamy, CEO, Great Place To Work® India.

    The Great Place To Work® study accentuates India’s Best NGOs to Work For™ with a methodology that is recognized for its rigor and objectivity and is the ‘Gold Standard’ for defining great workplaces across businesses, academia, and government organizations. Every year, more than 10,000 organizations from over 60 countries partner with the Great Place To Work® Institute for assessing, benchmarking, and action planning to strengthen their workplace culture. This year 44 NGOs applied for this study.

    “Recently India moved to the 5th position in the global ranking of countries by their GDP. Around the same time one of the top 3 wealthiest individuals in the world is from India. However, it is unfortunate that when it comes to Per Capita Income or the various parameters of the Human Development Index, India is far behind many third world countries and does not even feature among the top 100 countries, globally.

     In Human Development Index (HDI) rankings India is at rank 132 globally. This contrast is characterized by a broken healthcare infrastructure, an inadequate education system and unemployment rate being all time high. 

    In this land of extreme poverty and below par quality of life, the state will do most of the heavy lifting, on the road to recovery, however by itself the state cannot cover a lot of ground. It will need the helping hand of many social agencies and the Non-Profit Sector, that are and will continue to be important actors in India’s Nation-Building endeavours. Due to their superordinate goals and mission-orientated work, NGOs by default accept a critical role in shaping India’s future. 

    In today’s India most credible NGOs are mission-focused and therefore the sum-total of their time, energy and effort is either focused on their beneficiaries

     or fund-raising for the cause they support.  However, they struggle on 2 fronts: amplifying the impact of their work and their own organization’s development. And while some NGO can attract good quality talent because of their mission orientation, they are not always able to retain that talent.

    Great Place to Work® through this study assesses & recognizes theIndia’s Best NGOs to Work For™.

     One of the parameters is credibility of leadership of the organization.  This recognition is aimed at helping NGOs to create a culture premium by improving their employees’ experience and thereby retain them, through insights, inputs and recommendations for action on organization development. It also helps the best NGOs to compete in the talent market, by amplifying their employer brand. Some of the Best Workplaces  in India are within the circle of influence of Great Place to Work® and therefore can help funding and employee volunteering from the ‘For Profit’ Sector to the ‘Non-Profit’ Sector.” Basuri Dutta, Practice Head, Vice President, Great Place To Work® India. 

    All organisations were assessed using rigorous methodology comprising of two lenses. The first lens measures the quality of employee experience through our globally validated anonymous survey instrument known as the Trust Index™ Survey. The second lens is called Culture Audit™- a proprietary tool of the Institute that evaluates the quality of people practices in an organization, covering the quality of practices in the organizations. The Institute carries out a thorough validation procedure on the information obtained throughout the assessment process.

    Trust Index™ Survey results and Culture Audit™ results are combined to determine an organization’s inclusion in India’s Best NGOs to Work For™ 2022.

    No individual or jury decides who makes the Top 10 list; instead, employee input and the effectiveness of an organization’s people operations determine whether it is a Great Place To Work. This study is supported by the Great Place To Work® Institute, and a complimentary report on the employee feedback is provided to all involved NGOs. Some of the names are Bharti Foundation, EnAble India and Magic Bus India Foundation.


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