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  • Thursday, June, 2022| Today's Market | Current Time: 12:57:46
  • Research suggests that an individual is entitled to at least 7 to 8 hours of sleep regularly. Reduction in sleeping hours can negatively impact not just our work schedule but also our health. Experts believe that one of the reasons behind irregular sleep can be the lack of a good mattress. Who thought that a simple thing as a mattress can become a reason for our irregular sleep and severe back pains. In recent times, an increasing number of companies are promoting their “orthopedic mattresses” with a promise of providing a comfortable sleep. However, such claims are not always supported by enough evidence. Hence we bring to you a list of 5 quality mattresses in the market only for your comfort. Here you go:

    Livpure’s REGAL Memory Foam & Latex Mattress (Advanced)

    Livpure’s Regal Memory Foam mattress is an 8-inch/20.32 cm, and one of the most innovative mattresses in the industry. The mattress has foam layers with Kooltex Cooltouch Fabric. It has a cool gel memory foam and Cool-touch outer fabric.The mattress is best suited for use during Summer season. Priced at Rs. 19,249 only, the  mattress is  available online through its website Livpure Sleep and also on Amazon, Flipkart, and Pepperfry.

    Centuary Ortho Active Mattress

    Centuary Mattress is one of the leading mattress brands in India and occupies a strong product leadership in the market. Centuary provides mattresses which are an ideal fit for people with back issues. One of their products Ortho Active helps destress the back and body after long working hours. Engineered with Centuary’s Ulti-matt Ortho technology, it ensures the spine is aligned and gives support to the entire body. The copper beads infused in the Memory Foam reduces the body heat, and the Copper Gel Memory Foam loaded with anti-viral properties ensures a safe sleeping experience.Priced at Rs 21,999,the mattress is available for purchase on online stores like Amazon, annd  Flipkart.

    Duroflex Orthopedic Mattress

    Duroflex has a pioneering vision to help India sleep better. It makes use of innovative and research-backed technology. Duroflex has come up with an orthopedic mattress which is the most advanced. The orthopedic support system available in India today is the 5 Zoned Support System. Its advantage is that it cradles the body, offers differentiated support, corrects posture, refreshes the spine and gives a rejuvenating sleep experience. Starting from Rs. 12795, Orthopedic is the best selling mattress of Duroflex.

    Kurl-on Pure Coir Mattress

    It is India’s best selling mattress company which provides a wide range of variety like coir mattresses and foam mattresses. One of their products, Pure Coir mattress is a very comfortable mattress, it is a rubberized coir mattress that offers the most natural comfort as it has been crafted with the finest natural elements, providing an incomparable sleep. With an exclusive knitted fabric, it offers a blissful sleeping experience. Mattress Crafted to perfection – Polyester tapestry tailored with thread locked by web tape finish. It is available online through its website Kurl-on and also on Amazon, Flipkart and Pepperfry

    Sunday Ortho Latex Mattress

    If someone is looking for a technically superior mattress, then their search ends here at Sunday Ortho Latex Mattress. These mattresses have an orthopedic design and provide amazing support. The mattresses are very long lasting and are made using natural materials-organic cotton top cover and certified latex. It also makes the bed cooler to sleep.


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