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  • HostBooks Partners with Inde Hotel group To Revolutionize their Finance Operations

    Published on February 23, 2024

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     HostBooks, a leading provider of SaaS-based accounting software, has entered into a strategic partnership with Inde Hotel Group to streamline and organize finance and operations across their group hotels.

    Inde Hotel Group, facing challenges in managing multiple locations spread across India in the competitive hospitality sector, recognized the need for a transformative solution. Their disjointed operating procedures and decentralized accounting systems posed serious obstacles, hindering unified financial data and effective compliance management.

    The implementation of HB Hospitality ERP 360 marked a turning point in Inde Hotel Group’s operational journey, aiming to enhance overall efficiency and streamline operations. The challenges faced by Inde Hotel Group, such as trouble with consolidated financial data and ineffective inventory management, were addressed with the deployment of HB Hospitality ERP 360.

    The integrated ERP system facilitated centralized control over operations, optimizing processes and enhancing cooperation among various properties. With centralized purchasing and distribution management, procurement procedures were streamlined, leading to cost savings across the hotel chain.

    Rathnaraj Livingston, Director of Global Business head and and Chief Business Officer-HORECA, emphasized the significance of the deployment, stating, “I am overjoyed with collaboration. Our Software will help Inde Group to increase their efficiency and tbeywould be able to standardise their operations all over.”

    The successful deployment of HB Hospitality ERP 360 at Inde Hotel Group underscores its importance in improving operational effectiveness, generating cost savings, and driving industry expansion. Positioned for sustained success in the competitive hospitality sector, Inde Hotel Group has leveraged HB Hospitality ERP 360 to achieve operational excellence.


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