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    How long hidden talent in India is securing opportunities through online platforms

    Published on October 2, 2021

    Startups have been applauded for disrupting a lot of industries, the latest being live entertainment and artistes. For artistes, availability of a platform where they can perform, showcase or earn at the same time is no less than a blessing. In tier 2 and tier 3 cities there are many such artistes who do not get a chance to get the limelight.

    During the pandemic there were many people who went jobless and were facing challenges. However, it was even worse for artistes as they were mostly earning on project or freelance basis. Now since the startups have explored the area, there are many platforms that have come to light and are now enabling content monetization opportunities, live performance options, art fusion option for creative professionals like- musicians, dancers, poets etc.


    Playtoome is a live entertainment platform, connecting artists with their fans irrespective of boundaries. There aren’t many live performances entertainment options for tier 2 and tier 3 cities. Also, with the digital era taking over, there is a good scope for performing artists to get the much due acknowledgement from their audience and widen their reach in the most convenient manner.  The space is now being explored by Playtoome.


    Vurbl is a creator-first, free streaming audio platform for all audio types, including user generated audio, across categories. Vurbl is revolutionizing the way people distribute and listen to audio-centric information across the web. 


    Trooze is a music & entertainment start-up which delivers unique live music experiences at the right venues around the city. Trooze currently operates around Chennai and plans to expand to Tier 2 cities in India.


    It is  an independent company designed to assist ambitious musicians, and brands utilise the power of culture to solve their biggest challenges. They are mixing the art of storytelling, technology and culture to build campaigns that grow brands.