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  • How Technology has changed the lives of Entrepreneurs through the Age

    Published on November 12, 2018

    Have you ever thought about that how business has changed with past couple of decades? Now we can experience the new innovation in the style of business functioning where computer, internet and information technology has become the essential ingredients of the business operations. Surprisingly it is not only restricted to one business sectors, in fact, one cannot find any business now who is not present in World Wide Web portal. Technology is now become an engine and source code for every business.

    Prior to computer inception, the business computing was very costly and limited to some sort of business fields. It would need group of professionals, policy makers, technology experts, software developers, operator, and administrator to look after the whole business operation according to Mr. Parvinder Baweja, founder- KeyVendors India Pvt Ltd.

    He added further “The way we had worked on past in home service and interior designing business, it was quite difficult to keep records of clients, work and labor work, salary, invoices, inventory and all that. Manual checking was done and one or two person was appointed to look after all these things. We faced many complications, difficulties and discrepancy because you cannot sum up human errors. Now CRM and ERP software management has made it possible to preserve all records and all that for each operation.”

    The administration panel of the website has become the secure place for client’s data base along with different company information. Early 1980’s were the initial phase o computer inception that has transformed the business subsequently when cell phone, Apple and MS-DOS has started their ventures.

    The call in click application has integrated customers and vendors in one platform. So it becomes easier to come and close the deal whatever they find suitable. Earlier, when the offline operation with traditional marketing team needs to make the strategy that how to synchronize the business in order to increase the cash flow and revenue of the organization. Collaborating different organization without having a proper communication channel was complicated, but when CRM, mobile application and official website has created, all the worries gradually vanished with time.

    Communication is the biggest medium to make your business flow in right stream but when you don’t have the accurate interaction channels then things get clumsy and dispersed. Connecting with someone who is at the long distance was quite costly and full connectivity hurdles. But when we have seen the inception of email, chatbot, social media pages of the website, query form in website, it has become simple to connect with audience and address their demands.  The reason why telephone has become the quintessential component of business function is that because it has covered the most of the business area in early 1980’s. Even having a landline in any office is considered as the source of reliability today. The mobile application development, website along with Bulk SMS complains are some significant marketing tools that encourage reaching maximum number of potential audience for your business.

    1990’s era was the peak of landline mobile but when cell phone has also involved in the race, it was a reminiscent mode of communication. Not only phone now digital responding machine that is used as the voice mail has come where you can record voice mail when the person is unreachable at the time of calling. The CD ROM was also popular in the mid 90’s along with computer language JAVA which is used by many banks and government organization to create the secure database platform.

    Now after the search engine giant Google founded in the year 1998 by Sergey Brin and Larry page, the whole world of business, technology, communication and almost every industry has got a tremendous route if information. Internet is now become the most reliable and significant foundation of information and knowledge.

    Now this era is having the different platform like YouTube, Facebook, Google, Whatsapp, Skype, and Instagram, which are the ribcage of business fraternity. Not only business but they deeply impact the social life of an organization and an individual.

    KeyVendors has adopted finest appreciable modern technologies along with website, mobile application, digital marketing, B2B home service provider and all that and we take pride to insure every single clients that here they will get the biggest business opportunity. Not only businessman and organizations but we are giving a great employment platform to small, medium and large scale vendors so that they can get gigantic exposure.

    Authored by-

    Mr. Parvinder Baweja, 

    Founder- KeyVendors India




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