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  • How to choose between Single trip & multi trip travel insurance policy

    Published on March 11, 2019

    The love to travel is universal. Curiosity to know the unknown is built into human nature, whether it is to explore your own state or country, or whether you are irresistibly attracted to foreign lands. The benefits of travel are myriad – it can give you pleasure, help you unwind, and it can heal. However, if you do not take travel insurance, some anxiety about the uncertainty involved in travel will keep nagging you, preventing you from enjoying your trip thoroughly. Some people travel once a year during vacations, while others like to travel more frequently, and there are travel insurance online policies for both types. You need to know the salient features of both in order to choose the one best suited to your needs. It is easy to get travel insurance online, and most of these policies will cover things like losses occurring from flight cancellations, missed flights, lost or damaged luggage, theft, etc. However, let’s look at the differences between single-trip and multi-trip travel insurance.


    A single-trip travel Insurance policy

    The validity of the travel insurance    policy depends on the insurance company, but mostly a single-trip travel insurance policy is valid for six months. However, the coverage starts on the day you commence you domestic or international travel, irrespective of when you took out your policy and is valid till you return – or till the end of the policy period, whichever is earlier. This kind of policy is perfect for people who travel occasionally and comes with an extendable option in case you want to over-stay on your trip. You can avail travel insurance online policy if it is more convenient for you. A single-trip policy covers the common travel emergencies, and even medical emergencies to some extent, but is not advisable for family or adventure travel. To have these things covered, you may have to pay some extra premium. Moreover, as most insurance policies, a single-trip travel insurance policy is not valid if some mishap occurs when you are under the influence of drugs or alcohol.


    A multi-trip travel Insurance policy

    A multi-trip travel insurance policy is not restrained by the number of trips, although it too is valid for a year. However, you can make as many trips as you want using the same insurance policy, though you will not be allowed to stay in one location for more than six months. This kind of multi-trip travel insurance policy is suited for people who go abroad for shopping or have to undertake multiple business trips during a year. Some insurance companies may have an upper age limit for issuing a multi-trip insurance policy, and also you will have to declare any pre-existing medical conditions up front. The terms and conditions of your policy and even the premium may differ accordingly.


    Check with the different  insurance provider and select your online travel insurance wisely.