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  • Friday, December, 2023| Today's Market | Current Time: 12:41:22
  •  Mumbai : World Spice Organization   is set to host the 2nd National Spice Conference  in Hyderabad at Hotel Marigold on the 18th and 19th of November 2023. As the technical partner of the All-India Spices Exporters Forum, WSO aims to provide a crucial platform for discussions within the Indian spice industry, fostering collaboration between farmer producers, FPOs, and Spice Manufacturers and Traders.WSO is organizing the National Spice Conference in collaboration with GIZ and IDH- the Sustainable Trade Initiative and Rainforest Alliance is the sustainability partner for this event. The conference will be attended by heads of Indian Regulatory Authorities- FSSAI, IISR

    This year’s NSC will revolve around the theme, “Food Safe Spices: The Way Forward to a Stable & Sustainable Income.” The conference will comprehensively address all nodes and aspects of the spice supply chain, offering a 360° perspective on food safety and its positive impacts on income and profit. Distinguished speakers from regulatory authorities, spice, and allied industries will contribute their insights to the sessions.

    The business-focused segment of the conference will feature sessions on ‘Increasing income through Sustainable & Eco-friendly Practices and Tech-Driven Farming,’ ‘Food Safety and Compliance,’ ‘Funding opportunities for farmers/FPOs,’ ‘Better input management and improving productivity,’ and ‘Innovative Processes and Market Trends.’

    Commenting on the 2nd edition of the conference, Mr. Ramkumar Menon, Chairman, World Spice Organisation, said “We are excited to launch the second edition of National Spice Conference 2023. Resuming from the conclusions drawn at last NSC, this year we focus on positive impacts of food safety on income and profit to the farming community. Through the National Spice Conference, we hope to promote food-safe spices and sustainable farmer income.  The future of the food and agriculture sector depends on raising and stabilizing farmer income, which fluctuates for many reasons. Farm revenue stability over a range of situations can increase the economic viability and sustainability of farms, ensuring food production for a growing population with rising food demand.   World Spice Organisation relentlessly pursues food, safety, quality, and sustainability. The conference will focus on how food safety boosts quality and profitability for spice farmers.” 

    NSC not only offers a platform for farmers to explore relevant topics and address industry challenges but also provides networking opportunities to expand their connections within the farming community nationwide. NSC will have participants from Government regulatory authorities, Farmers/ Producers, National spice brands, Exporters, Traders, Laboratories and Service Providers.  The FPOs, and NGOs, participating in the event will represent nearly 25,000 farmers associated with National Sustainable Spice Program (NSSP) – another flagship program of World Spice Organisation aimed at increasing the production of food safe and sustainable spices in India and ensuring market access to such sustainably produced goods.


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