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  • Improving employee efficiency of a MNC: HCL’s new Collaborative Solution

    Published on April 28, 2014

    “You don’t need a silver fork to eat good food.”- Paul Prudhomme. True to this very statement, a good meal can be enjoyed regardless of whether you have inculcated sophisticated etiquettes or not. Food that tastes delicious and also provides a quick relief to that epic urge of hunger is called fast food.World’s largest chain of fast food restaurants catering to 68 million customers across 119 countries every day and generating revenue of USD 27 billion approached HCL (www.hcltech.com) with the following problems:

    •             Intranet facilities of such a vast company were underutilized and not at all effective.

    •             Maintaining content was gradually becoming a difficult task.

    •             Users complained that the system was slowing down.

    •             An inefficient and slow system led to irrelevant search results.

    •             Faulty collaboration between employees of various geographical regions with the owner operators and crew members.

    •             Need for a proper publishing content relevant to the various geographical locations.

    •             Improving personalized employee search based on interest and skillset.

    •             Applying filters to various search results based on data.

    •             Most importantly, enabling access through smart phones

    Team HCL’s solution was prompt by seeking the root cause of these above mentioned problems, proficient consultants of team HCL used a standardized framework. The tool used for collaboration was Microsoft SharePoint 2013. These solutions will help our customers to:

    •             Track and manage documents using Document ID.

    •             Leverage SharePoint 2013 out-of-the-box retention polici9es for sites.

    •             Utilize the features of SharePoint 2013 focusing on social collaboration.

    •             Improve user experience through various browsing platforms.

    •             Optimize mobile experience and implement push notifications.

    By following the above steps, the customer benefited in these ways:

    •             Reduced operational cost by 60%.

    •             Minimized publishing time by a staggering 85%.

    •             An efficient use of Web Content Management in SharePoint.

    •             Improvised and made content search results more comprehensive.

    •             Excellent multi-language support provided for all geographic regions.

    •             Leverage dashboards for reporting.

    •             Minimization of publishing time and operational cost resulted in the achievement of higher rate of interest.


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