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  • In a Candid Conversation with Kimaya Kapoor, the woman who is Inspiring Millions

    Published on May 24, 2021

    Kimaya Kapoor is a Leading Travel Blogger, Athlete, Aerial Hoop Gymnast + MMA and an aspiring Model in the Glamour world. And while this gorgeous damsel is busy inspiring millions, let’s take a look at her life in a glance.

    Tell us about your most cherished accomplishments, rise to fame and the major projects ?

    My journey has been hell of a ride so far. And honestly, every little milestone is a memorable achievement in itself. I’ve been blessed to work for the biggest e-commerce brands like Snapdeal, Flipkart, walked the ramp for numerous names like Joy Alukass, PMJ, and Mannipalli Jewellers.. I also did many photoshoots for fashion houses like Neeru’s Shashivangpalli. No doubt, winning the Miss Hyderabad 2018 was a turning point as well. So I guess, I don’t have one thing to thank for. I’ve worked hard for alot of things. And that never let’s you down.

    What was your childhood like, were you a Back bencher or a straight up Academic wonder!!

    I grew up in a conservative Marwadi family. So one can imagine that shuttling between your passion and family can be quite a Challenge. Though,  my family is super supportive. I’m blessed.  I won’t say I was a super nerd. But surely was a studious backbencher! It’s funny, cause through out my schooling I was just another girl in a nutshell… But as I grew, I realised what I wanted and where I wanted to be. I mean, I have an MBA in finance and marketing, But life is not about what you study in the classroom, is it! 

    What does your upcoming venture look like .. any major upcoming project you want to let your audience know about?

    The time I spent in Hyderabad, after winning the pageant, brought me a lot of offers from South Indian industry. Tamil films is something I do enjoy. In fact, soon by the end of upcoming year I will have my debut. I do not want to reveal much but it’s surely going to be worthwhile. Apart from that, it seems wherever I go, the universe helps me. Since I shifted to Mumbai, I’ve got multiple Modelling and music assignments here as well. Plus, on sports front. I’m really sweating it out to ace Gymnastics & MMA. Thanks to my wonderful coach, by the way he’s also top India’s UFC MMA Coach. So if everything falls into place. I will begin with State level Championship. 

    What do you enjoy more? Athletics, Modelling, Travelling or Acting?

    That’s a good question. Actually it’s tough to choose one. Because they’re all a part of me. I love sports as much as I engage in Modelling or acting. They all are challenging on their own. But when it comes to travelling. That’s my soul. My passion for travel has made me hooked to Travel Industry. And you know I have been fortunate to have met with my dear friend and colleague Rahul Lokare and his amazing team at Flamingo Productions.   He’s a Celebrity & Travel Photographer himself. So in recent times we’ve done multiple travel projects in Maldives, Bali, Dubai, Singapore, Thailand, Colombia… I wish this list never ends.

    What is your dream project?

    God! I wish I had only one. But who are we kidding!!! I always tell myself… I have only one life, so I want to make sure I live all of it’s shades and colors. So no matter how filmy this might sound. But I want to travel the world, represent my country, my people. And just live to inspire. No matter what I do, it should make a difference.  So I guess I’ll say. My life’s a dream project for me.

    What would you rather chose. A big part in a small project, or a small part in a big project?

    Haha, that’s a catch-22 but I will never mind being a little part of best of things. Not otherwise.

    Would you be underpaid for best performance. Or overpaid for a mediocre one?

    Well, My people know that I give my 1000% in whatever I do. Be it Gymnastics, MMA, Ariel Hoops, Acting, Travelling, Modelling. Every single thing. I pour myself into it. So I expect to be acknowledged for it. In all justifiable ways. 

    Here’s the final one for you, Why do you do what you do?

    It’s simple. To feed my soul. I  believe in the principle of Karma. You see, what one gives to the universe returns onto oneself with great accuracy and speed. That’s all.