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  • India becomes 12th largest holder of US govt securities at April end

    Published on June 22, 2020

    India has become the 12th largest holder of US government securities at the end of April, with holding worth 157.4 billion dollars. The data from the US Treasury Department showed that after significantly reducing the exposure in March to 156.5 billion dollars, India marginally hiked the holding by 0.9 billion dollars to 157.4 billion dollars the next month.

    While the holding touched a record high of 177.5 billion dollars in February, the same was drastically reduced in March. The exposure stood at 164.3 billion dollars in January. At the end of April, Japan remained the country with the maximum exposure at 1.27 trillion dollars, followed by China at 1.1 trillion dollars and the UK at 368.5 billion dollars.