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  • India Internet Governance Forum (IIFG’21) Celebrated Hindi Diwas & Discussed Digital Payments, Security

    Published on September 17, 2021

    New Delhi: India Internet Governance Forum (IFG’21) Celebrated Hindi Diwas & Discussed Digital Payments, Security

    Hindi is the language that is spoken in many parts of the country and on 14th September, India celebrated Hindi Diwas by remembering and honoring the adoption of the Hindi language, written in the Devanagari script, as one of the official languages in the country. IIGF’21 conducted the session on “The Changing Landscape of Indic-Internet and Importance of Universal Acceptance. Along with that the importance of digital payments and security was mentioned and how they are planning to make it safe for use.

    Ms Sarika Guliyani, member IIGF said  Hindi is the most spoken language and makes people still search about the information on the internet either by saying the sentence in Hindi or typing and the audience expects to get each and every detail in their spoken language to understand the information in a clearer way.

    To this Mr. Anil Kumar Jain, CEO of NIXI stated, “One word One internet, it speaks that internet should be consumed by everyone who is available on the earth.”

    To support the adoption of regional language, Dr Girish Nath Jha, Professor of Computational Linguistic, JNU said, “Looking at the current status, Hindi alone might overtake English on the Internet in terms of users.” He also added, “Google has 10 billion dollars investment in India and a lot of it would go to linguistic knowledge and resource.”

    Ms. Vidhushi Kapoor, CEO and Co-Founder, Process9 added her thought, “We need 100 of more Indian companies to come up with very innovative solutions to solve the problem which exists in real life to make the Indian language internet or the indic internet to flourish and reach its true potential.”

    According to Professor Deepak Dembla, Dean, School of Computer Applications, JECRC University, the motive of the government is to achieve “faceless, paperless, cashless” modes of monetary transactions. While discussing the methods of digital payments, he mentioned “Aadhar enabled payments crossed 205 million transactions in February 2020, according to the NPCI data” and the number has seen an exponential growth since. Furthermore, he discussed the benefits of these payment methods and said that they are saving the nation’s economic resources.”

    However, there are issues of security and trust in the system due to lack of awareness. Therefore, according to him, “we need to make a secure digital payment system and the most basic areas of concern need to be addressed by every developer.” Prof. Deepak also shared the DOs and DON’Ts of digital payments to make the process smooth and safe.


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