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  • Indian Tech Entrepreneur Rohit Ugale of Satmat Group is giving a boost to IT in India.

    Published on April 13, 2021

    The business leaders of the future are rising high by crossing all the hurdles of 2020. From an investment perspective, it certainly offers more potential rewards, trying to piggyback on future entrepreneurs. So who is the next tech head in India in 2021?

    India is fighting against the current situation nationwide and business-wise too. The only thing which is giving hope is IT in India. Although it has been the best field for almost five to six years when you see the taxpayer’s list. Out of that top Tech Entrepreneur worldwide, India has the best to provide a gem of apps and IT solutions to the world. Rohit Ugale, founder and CEO of Satmat Group, has been in the news since 2017 since he started his Satmat Group.

    Satmat Group comes in the fastest growing IT company in India. They provide the best solutions in IT. Rohit and his team are also fantastic when it comes to software development services and Fintech services to young entrepreneurs and startups worldwide. 

    Rohit Ugale’s IT company is the best example of startups in India who are thriving in their fields. His company has provided more than 3000 software websites to help companies and individuals do good on an online platform against their competitors.  

    Rohit Ugale is also helping new IT companies who need support to complete their client’s tough tasks. Today his company is providing the best IT services in India, Africa, and many parts of Asia. It is no longer a startup. His company has expanded a lot in four years. Today more than 180+ employees are working in his company.

    His company is also providing free/ Discounted  Services for all small companies to help them meet the difficulties posed by the ongoing COVID-19, allowing them to expand their businesses,” said Founder & CEO Rohit Ugale.

    Rohit’s Samat Group provides IT services in e-commerce, utilities, Google, telecom, and management. We feel tech entrepreneurs like Rohit are force good for the country and the IT sector. 

    His work shows that individuals and small organizations can play a big role in transforming societies and helping marginalized groups thrive. He has been a great inspiration to many people in India.
    India needs more successful IT businessmen like Rohit Ugale, who can forward growth and development.


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