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  • “It’s not the struggles but the response we give that define who we become”- Anand Mandal’s Life Experience

    Published on January 14, 2022

    Failed his class  12th exams, suffered immense loss and grief of his father’s death, struggled to earn a respectable place in society- This is the story of none other than Anand Mandal, a person who not only passed the phases of his life as the changing phases of the moon, but learned that even that there won’t just be the full moon, but also the new moon, that will be like a new start into his owner’s life.

    With increasing interest in video editing, Anand lost track of his studies and failed his 12th examination. But like there is no support as that of the parents, Anand’s parents stood by him and Anand was able to clear his exams. This led to Anand losing his touch with video editing between 2015 to 2017, However, with a determination like his, his journey took another start and he started traveling from Kolayat to Bikaner for recording videos. With the initial difficulties that he faced, he was disheartened with the lack of response on his videos but the sun shone brightly one day and one of his videos received 2.1 million views in one week following immense subscribership.

    However, fate never makes things easy and Anand was standing face to face with the worst fear of his life. While he was struggling to make sufficient money due to the expenses he had while in Delhi, and the distribution of profit amongst the YouTubers whom he was working with,  his father’s death in 2019 struck like a bolt of lightning. While feeling hard to recover from this blow by life, he realized that at that very moment he was the sole support to his family and he was the one who had to take the lead from then on. This crisis surely created a drift between Anand and YouTube, but the solace is found in means which seem most oblivious to the outer world. Anand found his in YouTube, and with 57 videos on-air, Anand is now a positive influence on those who find it hard to deal with his life struggles.

    Anand Mandal’s words reach those depths of a person’s heart that are sometimes closed to the person themselves due to the burden of longing trauma. Videos by Anand like Jhooth – Dark Side of Social Media with 144 Million views,  PAPER-BOY 2 – Story of A Middle-Class Boy with 85 Million views, Shaheed – Heart Touching Story with 74 Million while, SABAK – Reality of Humanity and SOCH – Periods Are Not A Mistake with 68 Million and 63 Million views respectively, have created like a free space for those souls who wish to seek peace in chaos and tranquility in commotion.

    These inspirational videos by Anand have a greater purpose for him. These are not mere means of having a livelihood or a successful career because Anand defines success differently. For him, success is to share what he has learned over the years by the mistakes he made, the courage he gathered, the support of his family, and the demeaning looks of society. So, for Anand these inspiration videos are his solace and his peace, it is his way of offering back what he has learned so that all those who are hanging by the end of the rope know that they have the courage right there in themselves to pull themselves up even when fate seems to act in a different direction.