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  • Wednesday, March, 2020| Today's Market | Current Time: 04:40:41
  • JustMyRoots.com is the first Food tech platform in the country that connects people back to their roots through food. Once you are away from home, with Justmyroots.com you can still browse for food that comes directly from your home or home town.

    Justmyroots.com is a pioneer in Interstate Perishable Food Delivery. They use patented packaging solution to keep the food chilled and fresh with no preservatives. With their unique packaging, the food is maintained between 5 to 8 degree Centigrade. With ambitions to become pan India and international player, their service is currently in cities  Delhi NCR, Kolkata, Jaipur, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Pune, Ahmedabad and Chandigarh. The App ‘justmyroots’ provides some of the best choices and user-friendly menu optimizations which allows easy product selection and their delivery is done with excellent patented packaging, keeping the freshness and aroma intact.

    With the help of the justmyroots.com, a mother finds it extremely convenient to keep the bond with her child even after they have left home. Justmyroots.com delivers home cooked food from a mother’s kitchen to her child in any city or state across India.

    Justmyroots also has an option for a call or chat with an expert who can give suggestions when required. Having selected the most celebrated and sought after restaurants in each city justmyroots.com also acts as a guide for ‘foodies’ across India and justmyroots.com assures that if the restaurant is on their site, consumer can be assured that the food will be worth trying.

    Mr. Samiran Sengupta, CEO & Founder, Justmyroots.com says, “With Justmyroots.com you are never away from either your favourite restaurant or your nostalgic dish cooked by your mom, we have perfected the art of inter state perishable food delivery without adding preservatives or freezing the food. We see a big market for Justmyroots.com in the coming months and years ahead. Justmyroots.com is an experience that I recommend is worth trying.”

    In this new era, online food business is emerging and reaching out for new milestones. Many companies have opted for a digital platform to showcase their services. Also, various applications have been developed in order to reach out effectively to the consumers and deliver food at their doorstep. The demand for online food app is increasing, as most of the time people travel for work or other purposes to different places. This industry is gaining recognition for itself and has enabledmany companies to reach out to people world-wide. Online food service is and will continue to be a sustainable and futuristic business due to local and global people movement.

    To place an order you can download app ‘Justmyroots’ from Playstore or app store, or reach them on +91 7042059800 and check out their latest deals on https://justmyroots.com/. They could be followed on twitter and facebook, for the best offers from them.