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  • Sunday, February, 2021| Today's Market | Current Time: 04:58:27
  • Khushwant Singh entrepreneur from punjab is going to launch his book on Indian consumer behaviour this year

    Published on February 26, 2021

    Success as an ecom guy, entrepreneur, and much more, Khushwant Singh, a 22-year-old Jalandhar, Punjab boy, is now all set to launch his Indian-made brands internationally. 

    “During my school days I have learned the word impossible says, I am possible and since then I am following it blindly,”Khushwant Singh always seems to act upon it. Khushwant Singh is a self-made man who started his working career at the age of 14. Coming from a middle-class family, he had struggled a lot to reach this position. Children meet career counselor at the age of 18, but Khushwant Singh was all settled at that age. He is among the youngest successful entrepreneur who is setting an example that age can never act as a barrier if you are determined towards your goal. He had stepped into online marketing five years back and, initially, he had struggled hard to learn every phase of it. 

    The hard times during the pandemic had inclined this young entrepreneur towards e-commerce business. The growing population and development had increased India’s purchasing potential more and more day by day. His idea is to leverage the e-commerce sector in India and to take the Indian brands, internationally. The biggest challenge he had faced while handling Indian consumers is the trend of Cash on Delivery. Khushwant Singh believes that several brands in India are facing huge losses due to the COD feature and his focus is towards leveraging it. Khushwant Singh is continuously working towards improving his skills and he is pulling it off efficiently. Khushwant Singh claims that online business is the new booming sector and he had decided to take it to a new height. 

    Today Khushwant Singh is moving towards the pinnacle of success and is working towards launching his book about Indian E-Commerce. He is planning to focus on consumer behavior in his book. Readers will get to read this book in 2021 only. He is going to impart his knowledge that he had acquired while researching the ways of targeting the customers, in the book. 

    When Khushwant Singh was asked, about his early life, he said,” I believe that struggle can only refine a person and my experience had added millions in my bank balance.” Today at such an early age, he is also designing amazon sites for his clients which have benefitted them immediately. Khushwant Singh had achieved so many milestones together with his hard work, determination, consistency, and the desire to learn more. Regardless of several challenges, Khushwant Singh had put his efforts continuously. He is financially supporting his family since he was 18. 

    He has helped many clients to build their brands with his input. This gave him an idea to start an Ecom store to add to the economy of the country. On June 1, 2020, he planned for its launch and, in July, his dream took the shape of reality, resulting in an eight-figure income while working from home. He believes that his hard work, honesty, and dedication have helped him to grow and had made his ace in his field. 

    Khushwant Singh aims to take the eCommerce to another level by branding the Indian products in the international market. Khushwant Singh is also working towards launching Indian luxury brands and planning to do their branding internationally. Indians have a great potential to earn if online knowledge is utilized properly, says Khushwant Singh!

    Khushwant Singh, a young entrepreneur, is still working hard to conquer what he has dreamt of! Leaving no stone unturned, he is trying to keep up with the par of the competitive world! We can clearly say after seeing his dedication that he will keep on working hard till he can conquer his dreams!