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  • Lives of Farmers Transformed in Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh: Global Vikas Trust’s Impact Study Reveals Remarkable Results

    Published on February 10, 2024

     Mumbai  – Global Vikas Trust (GVT), under the visionary leadership of Mr. Mayank Gandhi, has spearheaded a transformative movement in the lives of farmers across Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh, particularly in suicide and drought-affected regions like Beed and Parli. The remarkable impact of GVT’s initiatives has been unveiled in an Assessment Impact Study conducted by the prestigious Tata Institute of Sciences (TISS), showcasing astounding progress in agricultural development and farmer welfare.

    The unveiling ceremony of the Assessment Impact Study took place today in Mumbai, attended by key dignitaries including Mr. Mayank Gandhi, Managing Trustee at Global Vikas Trust, and Prof. S. Siva Raju, Professor and Deputy Director at Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Hyderabad Campus. This event highlighted the pivotal role of GVT in revolutionizing agriculture practices and elevating the socioeconomic status of farmers.

    The comprehensive report, prepared by the Centre of Excellence in CSR at TISS, analysed the impact of GVT’s agriculture development initiatives across various districts including Palghar, Nanded, Beed, Solapur, Osmanabad (Dharashiv), Jalgaon in Maharashtra, and Burhanpur and Dhar/Barwani in Madhya Pradesh. Based on meticulous surveys encompassing 1248 farmers and stakeholders, the study provides compelling evidence of GVT’s transformative impact.

    Speaking about GVT’s work and the TISS assessment, Mr. Mayank Gandhi, Managing Trustee of Global Vikas Trust remarked, “The findings of the TISS assessment affirm our commitment to empowering farmers and fostering sustainable agricultural practices. Through strategic interventions and innovative approaches, GVT has catalysed a tenfold increase in farmer incomes, liberating thousands of families from the cycle of poverty.”

    The Assessment Impact Study revealed significant achievements, including:

    •          A tenfold increase in per-acre annual income of farmers, soaring from Rs. 38,600 to over Rs. 3,90,000 in suicide and drought-affected regions like Beed Parli.

    •          Successful elevation of over 22,000 farmer families from poverty traps across 4,000 villages in Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh.

    •          Planting of over 4.5 crore fruit trees, fostering sustainable farming practices and augmenting agricultural productivity.

    Prof. S. Siva Raju, from Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Hyderabad Campus, commended GVT’s transformative initiatives, stating, “The impact study underscores the profound positive changes brought about by GVT in rural communities. By addressing key challenges and implementing scalable solutions, GVT has set a benchmark for sustainable agricultural development.”


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