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  • Thursday, March, 2020| Today's Market | Current Time: 09:55:07
  • Thankfully, we are living in a tech-friendly era where from tools to resources, everything can be controlled with sensors, gestures, touch buttons, codes. In simple words, we can say that technology is trying to overtake our lives in many ways. You may do lots of experiments with the technology, whether for the creation of Uber clone or social media apps. Do you try tech-hacks on your Coworking Space? If yes, sounds good, if No, it’s the high time to make your shared space smarter than ever.

    It is essential to dig down in the right direction when the mission is to impress the majority of people from the shared workspace, which has become the trendy topic in every media conversation. Let’s jotted down the major ways which we have specially arranged for you.

    Security Cameras
    Safety is the biggest concern for coworking spaces/business as hacking the companies data is not a big deal for system admins or anybody proficient in coding. Below are the Current Stats that one should be concerned about in 2020.

    1.Everyday there are around 300,000 malware created in the rocket speed.

    2. In each 39 seconds, hackers can steal your information which you have updated while sitting in your coworking space.

    3.The data states that 75% of companies do not plan security plans to save the data from cyber attack.In this case, there should be a need to take safety steps before letting them intruders freely move in your assets. Moreover, there are a wide variety of cameras available in the market so you can based on your personal choice. Remember two things before purchasing the safety cameras for your Rented Office Space.

    1. Never buy a simple camera if your purpose is to record every single moment of the people who visit your space every day. For this, you can explore the motion detectors or any other alternative which is specially formulated to record the audio’s.
    2. It is vital to keep an eagle eye on unauthorised access which is only possible with the Wireless IP security cameras.

    Communication Tools
    As you know most of the people today use Whatsapp more than phone book for making calls to their lovable ones, friends & colleagues. Furthermore, there are few companies which use chat rooms to lessen the operational workload. For example – Slack is a fantastic tool that makes it easier for the users to contact the clients via messages. Even this tool gives an ease of group discussions to improve productivity in the coworking space. Communication tools save you from the hustle of sending emails to thousands of employees separately. It puts pressure on the workers as well as gives them a monotonous feel. If you want to make your workplace very catchy, you can opt for a ‘Color tool that is designed to bring the positive vibes, creativity and help you to improve your mood.

    Automates the Event Management Systems

    In traditional offices, employees sometimes get frustrated while handling the manual billing work, & entrance fees. Whether the market is flooded with biometrics, still few organizations maintain the attendance in excel sheet or registers. These processes are so tedious and old-fashioned so there is no need to put yourself in trouble. Use specialized tools for event management likewise, Meetup, Eventzilla & Eventbrite that will help you in managing the social calendars to update the event list.

    Improve the Air Quality of Coworking Space

    How do you feel if the people which you want to indulge in your rented office space got cold & flue? Ofcourse, you may feel bad and it will lose your property reputation. The poor-quality air can imbalance the work environment and poses the risk of severe problems.You can install the Smart HVAC systems that are comprised of speed compressors and works at the variable speed. It maintains the humidity level & disperse the air at the optimum rate.

    Go Cashless for Secure Transactions

    Coworking space should think about the digital payment systems to receive and send the transactions in hassle-free manner. Well, people who will visit your shared office space do not necessarily give you cash. Hence, you can consider the digital payment systems which are convenient, safe and reliable for managing the customer billings.

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