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    Mansi Ganga of Govardhan will be made clean with cow excreta and 125 herbs by Vedic kaunomics method by an initiative by Delhi man Manoj Jha,Chairman of Smriti trust

    Published on December 23, 2020

    New Delhi:  Delhi Social worker and founder chairman of Smriti Trust Manoj Jha, has taken the initiative to cleanse the fallen Pavani Mansi Ganga at Govardhan in Mathura in collaboration with the local body for making it clean by Vedic Kaunomics method. Development of Mathura Vrindavan in carrying out the campaign to make Mansi Ganga clean. Mathura Vrindavan Development Authority Vice Chairman, Mr. Nagendra Pratap  and Chairman of Govardhan Nagar Parrish, Mr. Khemchand Sarma, have a major contribution in this venture in collaboration with Manoj Jha, Chairman of Smriti Trust.

    Mansi Ganga is watery, filthy and deodorant, after having a look at this pathetic condition Mr Jha took the initiative to clean it. Manoj Jha said that ‘’Mansi Ganga will be cleaned through Vedic Kaunomics method in which 125 herbs will be used along with cow excreta. One liter solution prepared by Vedic Kaunomics will be mixed with 10,000 liters of water.

    Vedic Kaunomics method is being effective in making clean to the lake, rivers and ponds of the country clean and serene, before the Mansi Ganga, this method has been used in the Rohini lake park and pond at Prasad Nagar in Delhi, Motipur Lake at Rajnandgaon Chhattisgarh, Mandakani river at Satna ,Chitrakoot in Madhyapradesh has been successfully cleaned.

    Once the water is cleaned by the Vedic Kaunomics method, the water will become potable. Currently the water of the Mansi Ganga is much polluted and is not suitable for being used.

    Manoj Jha, a resident of Delhi, told that, “He keep visiting Vrindavan and Govardhan. When I saw the dirty water of the Mansi Ganga, I vowed that through the Vedic Kaunomics method , I will make it so clean for swans and ducks will start living in this river”

    In 2008, the then central government declared the Mansi Ganga of Govardhan as a reserve lake  and allocated about Rs 23 crore to make it clean, but Mansi Ganga remained unhygienic. Now, due to the efforts of Manoj Jha, the local people are overwhelmed with the changes in the water of Mansi Ganga.

    Mr Jha said that ‘’the campaign to purify water in the Mansi Ganga has started. Every day, a solution prepared by Vedic Kaunomics is being poured into it. This process will run continuously for 10 days and after that the water of Mansi Ganga will be checked.This method will not only clean the water, but its insects and mosquitoes which grow in the water due to pollution and dirt will die. That is why the Vedic cownomics is the most useful method’’.

    Manoj Jha along with his team is engaged day and night in the campaign to purify the waters of the Ganges through the Vedic solution. In this campaign, along with Manoj Jha, the main trustees of Smriti Trust – Anita Jha, Mahendra Singh, Meena Kumari, Anita Sharma, Parambir Singh, Om Prakash Chugh, Ramesh Pandia and Prembodha Jha are also participating.