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  • MediaAgility Announces Launch of “MediaAgility Maturity Model : Assess Where Your Business Stands” e-Book

    Published on February 18, 2011

    Gurgaon: MediaAgility brings to you a revolutionary study on the emerging trends of new age marketing practices in the folds of its new e-book “MediaAgility Maturity Model : Assess Where Your Business Stands”. The advent of New Paradigm technologies, such as cloud computing, social technologies and myriads of web-supporting devices, including smartphones and tablets, have together changed how marketers approach their prospects. This e-Book elaborates how you can spruce up your marketing efforts by logically embracing this interactive amalgamation of the new-age technologies. This succinct educative piece also comprises of a coherent scale that will help you gauge your marketing efforts in real palpable terms. In addition to that, it also holds some very useful strategies that can aid you to embrace the New Paradigm for Winning. All in all, a must-read for marketers seeking out new ways to add new energy to their marketing drive.

    Today’s rapidly changing business environments have made it indispensable for businesses to revisit their marketing strategies right from the scratch to incorporate the New Paradigm channels. This e-book attempts to make it simple for businesses to assess where they currently stand with respect to the new age of marketing techniques, which is by large driven by customer engagement and co-creation.

    “MediaAgility Maturity Model : Assess Where Your Business Stands” trots out a host of examples to illustrate the might of the New Paradigm technologies and how they’ve revolutionized the business landscape. It further endeavors to aid you chart out definitive strategies to bring these technologies into mainstream business processes

    Like our other useful resources, the e-book, ‘MediaAgility Maturity Model : Assess Where Your Business Stands’, is covered under the Creative Commons License, and thus it’s free to share and download. It can be downloaded at http://www.mediaagility.com/brandagility_brand_promotion/ or www.mediaagility.com/ebooks