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  • Mehul Suthar marks his success through his considerable efforts in the Digital space

    Published on May 24, 2022

    Digital space is one of the biggest games in the marketing industry and not many tend to find the appropriate solution. The best marketing strategy is to build trust between the consumer and the dealer. However, to build that trust it takes a lot of strategy and a guiding hand to sail through it. Mehul Suthar has helped many models, celebrities, and newcomers to help in overcoming the learning curve through an appropriate digital presence. His expertise in digital space and contacts has made it easy for him to promote businesses and individuals with greater strategies.

    Mehul Suthar is a 22-year-old boy who was born and raised in Rajasthan; however, he soon understood the importance of digital space and wanted to become an influencer himself. This decision got him to Gujarat, where he started his first event management company with the name of ‘Jay Event Company.’ This company helped in organizing multiple events. Through the popularity of the company, many newcomers got an opportunity in modeling and fashion shows. Even many got opportunity work in short films as actors. He also owns another tag called ‘Social Fast Tag’ through which people got their much-needed popularity. The people who are connected to this organization are like a family to him.

    Even during the hard times, his team members did stick to each other for the immense support he delivers. Recently Social Fast-Tag completed its 5th year in the industry and the digital space promoting many amazing talents across the country. Mehul aims to deliver the celebrate every individual through his expertise. On the occasion of the completion of 5 years, many artists showered lovely messages and wished a great journey ahead for Mehul and his company. Mehul proudly says, ‘I will keep doing my best and make sure every individual in my team gets treated like a family. The power is in unity and I believe in this to the core.’


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