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    Merger & Acquisitions and Partnership Model to pave way for Party Cruisers India Limited in next two years

    Published on April 15, 2021

    Indian weddings are known for being larger than life affairs and to transform the industry, one of the leading pioneers Zuzer and Rachana, founded Party Cruisers India Limited. The moto of the company is to create “AWE” experience and an “AESTHETIC” ambiance for all its clients. The company has successfully handled grand ceremonies like the 50th birthday celebration of Bollywood ka Sultan – Salman Khan, Shahid Kapoor’s luxurious wedding, and Arpita Khan ‘s wedding at Falaknuma Palace in Hyderabad & Reception at Taj Land Ends in Mumbai. The company has also handled many more elite events.

    The extravagant, dazzling weddings are an essential part of the Indian ethos and the temptation of the grandeur tradition will continue to be stronger than the pandemic. For more than two decades of momentous experience and highly evolved event management, the company has provided hassle-free wedding management experience. This has helped the company generate 75 per cent of the revenues from wedding management activities.

    Speaking on the growth and expansion plans of Party Cruisers India Limited, Mr. Zuzer Lucknowala, CEO, said, “Despite the fact that events industry has suffered due to the Pandemic and has seen significant downfall. However, we have seen positive growth and have managed to make profits in recent past and have recorded a growth of 20 % – 30% Y-O-Y. Also, the Indian wedding space with half of India’s population being under 29 years of age, the marriage market is set to boom like never before over the next five to ten years. Hence, our business and growth avenues will focus more on Merger & Acquisition, Joint Ventures, Partnership Model, and Franchise model to inject more capital in return for an equity stake.

    Party Cruisers India Limited intends to utilize 43.86% of the Gross Proceeds of the initial fund raising for expanding its current businesses through a mix of strategic investments. The Management is looking forward to expansion either through Acquisition Model and/ or Joint Venture Model and/ or Partnership Model apart from the other available expansion models such as Merger Model, Substantial Investment Model and Franchisee Model. The company also plans to expand its current business through strategic investments that will help the company in its growth vision in numerous ways.

    The company was also featured in Netflix Original docu-series produced by Condé Nast India that explores the joyful fanfare of the Big Indian Wedding. The show focussed on the exciting real-life weddings featuring affluent local and non-resident Indian couples, with a diverse range of stories from progressive partnerships to people who met through traditional matchmaking and went on to find love.

    During the show Rachana Lucknowala, Managing Director, was interviewed and she highlighted her experience of handling various Big Fat Indian Weddings and how this was a unique experience. This momentous feat helped to receive several awards – one of them was for décor execution. The company also received testimonials from Shrutika and Lakshya Roopchandani

    Looking at the growing demand for professional wedding management companies and professional events management companies, Party Cruisers India Limited also plans to cater services to multiple demographics and looks forward to expanding its base in Delhi, Gujarat, Hyderabad, Rajasthan, Kolkata, Chennai, Bangalore, Punjab, United Kingdom, and Dubai.