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  • Miss Deaf Asia 2018 inaugurates Sivantos’s 200th BestSound center in Pune

    Published on July 19, 2019

    Nishtha Dudeja, Miss Deaf Asia 2018 along with Paul Guthrie, VP Regional Sales APAC, Sivantos and Avinash Pawar, CEO, Sivantos India Pvt. Ltd. inaugurated the Sivantos’s 200th BestSound Centre in Viman Nagar, Pune. BestSound Center (BSC) is an interpretation of the modern-day hearing care which provides complete quality hearing care solutions for hearing loss.

    Nishtha Dudeja is the first Indian to have won any title at Miss Deaf World Pageant. She faced very tough competition from the contestants of China, Thailand, Taiwan, Israel, Czech Republic, Belarus, Mexico, South Africa, etc. She is the brand ambassador for Sivantos India Pvt Ltd.

    Speaking at the occassion, Nishtha Dudeja, Miss Deaf Asia 2018 said “It is my pleasure to be present here at the opening of 200th BestSound center in Pune. In September 2018, when I became the Brand Ambassador of Sivantos India, they opened their 150th BestSound center. These centers provide the latest technological solutions to hearing problems.

    When I first started using “behind the ear” hearing aids, it was analogue machines of Siemens. Since then the technology has evolved and today I am using Signia Motion SP 7PX hearing aids which has all the latest features. I am happy to note that Sivantos India is coming up with BestSound centers accross the country which will add technology advancement to all the hearing impaired people.

    I was born hearing impaired with 100% hearing loss. However, my parents came to know about it only when I was three years old. It was detected late because of lack of awareness and lack of modern facilities like BERA test in smaller towns, at that time. Therefore, we are creating awareness among the people about hearing problems and solutions.

    My appeal to the parents of the newly born children is to get their children tested for hearing loss as early as possible because prevention is better than cure. Early start of using hearing instruments and speech therapy helps in fast development of speech. Thus these hearing-impaired people can communicate with everyone. These children should be sent to normal schools so that they can be brought at par with other children. I once again congratulate Sivantos India for achieving the mark of 200 BestSound centers so fast and wish them to reach every hearing impaired person as early as possible”

    The ravishing beauty who was born deaf did not think of herself being differently-abled and chose to take her fate in her own hands and won the Miss Deaf Asia 2018 title at the 18th edition of Miss and Mister Deaf World -Europe -Asia Beauty Pageant 2018.