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  • Moonshot Distribution Systems expected to reach 250 crores in ARR by the end of FY23

    Published on May 12, 2023

      Delhi : Moonshot, an Omni-channel DaaS (Distribution as a Service) platform offering emerging, regional, and established D2C brands access to general trade, modern trade, e-commerce and quick commerce via its tech-enabled plug & play solution and distribution network, plans to touch 250 crores in ARR by the end of FY23 with all its partner brands on board across various sub-categories in the FMCG space. The company aims to help each of its onboarded partner brands to grow by 5x.

    Moonshot offers distributors a single window for all their distribution needs with a seamless claim process and a wide variety of products at their disposal. At present, the distribution network of Moonshot covers all major areas of North India and will be expanding to Rajasthan & UP in the coming months. By the end of FY23, the company is planning to expand to 35 sub-categories of food & beverages.

    Moonshot has partnered with 15 brands so far, looking over their exclusive distribution throughout North India and has a product basket that spans 200+ skus. The company’s approach towards acquisitions involves working closely with brands for a period of at least 6 months prior to initiating the investment or acquisition process.

    Currently, the company has a waitlist of 1300+ brands and has onboarded only 1 percent of them so far and is looking forward to partnering with 20-25 more brands by the end of FY23.

    Atul Bahl, Co-founder, Moonshot Distribution System, said, “We at Moonshot Distribution System believe in holistic growth. The extensive exposure to two of the largest food and beverage brands in the world, namely Coca-Cola and McDonald’s, as well as our decades of expertise in distribution, an astute understanding of the Indian consumer, along with our deep data analytics and experience across the FMCG category, enable us to provide invaluable insights to brands and help them increase their probability of success. We are not only solving a brand’s distribution challenges but are also focused on providing a solid return on investment for our distribution partners through not just an increase in sales but also diversification across sub-categories and introducing new products.”

    Dhruv Jain, Co-founder, Moonshot Distribution System, said, “At Moonshot Distribution System, we provide all of our associated distributors with a single window for multiple processes to enhance their network across the country. We are extremely selective of the brands we get onboard. Our selection process involves evaluating around 50 checkpoints, which encompasses an array of considerations to help our partner brands grow.”


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