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  • Quite seriously, please do not address me as a guru. Guru is a very heavy word. It means the remover of the darkness of ignorance. I am NOT a guru.

    GaneshaIf She wants to answer something, She can pick someone and answer through them. The person in question is just a nimitta. Actually, Vasishtha teaches that even a guru is a nimitta! Then what about someone like me? Everything here is just a coincidence. She is the master planner. If She wants something to be given to someone, she will select somebody else as a nimitta for it and make the second person give that thing to the first person.

    She is the energy that moves the entire universe. She is the ichcha sakti (desire), kriya sakti (action) and jnaana sakti (knowledge) of each being in this creation. It is amazing how She plans the whole thing.

    She is like a master film director who is making a secretive magnum opus. Imagine a director who has a really complicated script and shoots one scene with one set of actors and another scene with another set of actors etc. Each actor only knows the scenes (s)he is in. No actor can figure out the complete story from the few scenes that (s)he knows. The Mother is like that. She has a beautiful screenplay and we are all actors playing out roles. We only know a little bit of the story.

    Some people become too attached to the play and start wondering what the complete story is. They waste their time and energy wondering what the complete story is or what the next scene is. This does not improve their performance in their own scenes even one bit. On the contrary, this guesswork sometimes biases them and they end up messing up their own scenes due to the mistaken biases.

    Now take an actor who leaves it completely to the director, resigns to the mastery of the director and just does what (s)he is told to do. Such an actor gives a perfect performance and does not waste any time or energy in unnecessary activities. Similarly, one who realizes Her mastery and realizes that She is the doer of everything and considers oneself a pawn in the hand of a master chess player does not over-analyze everything and leads a blissful and fruitful life and serves Her agenda perfectly.

    What one should do if he doesn’t have a Guru?

    Testing Guru

    Source : Vedic Wisdom, [email protected]


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