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  • National Technology Day | Quotes by CredAble, Coinswitch & Ayekart

    Published on May 12, 2023

    Mr.Govind Soni, Co-founder and CTO, CoinSwitch

    “On National Technology Day, we are reminded of the transformative power of innovation and its ability to shape our lives meaningfully. Technology at its best is a high-impact growth accelerator. It increases efficiency, creates new possibilities, and makes our world better. In terms of crypto and its underlying blockchain technology, we are already seeing this play out via the ongoing Web3 pivot.

    Today, companies and governments are harnessing the power of blockchain to create secure and transparent systems across various industries. Blockchain technology can potentially revolutionise how we conduct business, store data, and even vote. In the coming years, we can expect to see a boom in the real-world utility of this technology, and yield its benefits.

    Even at CoinSwitch, we are constantly innovating and exploring new ways to leverage technology at large to better serve our customers. As we celebrate National Technology Day, we look forward to the many possibilities the future holds.”

    Mr. Kapil Kapoor, Chief Product and Technology Officer at CredAble:  

    “Technology continuously drives change, with developments in the Metaverse and generative AI leading the way. These new technologies have enabled businesses to create and improve offerings, enhance productivity, and contribute to the well-being of humanity. The cloud and 5G have boosted computing power and network connectivity, defining the digital era’s scale and speed. 

    Advanced technologies, such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, cloud computing, and biometrics, are transforming the financial services industry, allowing FinTechs to drive greater efficiency and create more value. By adopting digital operating models, FinTechs can achieve greater agility and precision in risk assessment, overcome implementation hurdles, and build solutions that offer last-mile delivery, fraud detection, and regulatory compliance. FinTech start-ups and financial institutions are investing heavily in technology, particularly in customer onboarding, underwriting, credit scoring, and loan disbursements. 

    As AI technology advances, business leaders should consider how their models can benefit from decentralised AI capabilities beyond 2023. Along with optimising efficiency, it’s important to establish reliable cloud infrastructure and integrate intelligence into technology stacks.” 

    Mr. Milind Borgikar, Chief Technology Officer at Ayekart:  

    “National Technology Day serves as a reminder of how technology has the power to impact and transform lives and livelihoods. 

    The agri-value chain is undergoing a significant transformation due to the emergence of cutting-edge technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML). The implementation of these advanced technologies has the potential to effectively tackle crucial issues, including food security, sustainable business practices, and the empowerment of MSMEs, Farmers/ Farmer Producer Organizations (FPOs). 

    At Ayekart, we remain committed to pushing the limits of technology in order to create a sustainable and efficient ecosystem for our partners. Our vision for the future is one where the agri-value chain is smart, efficient, and sustainable, and we strive towards this goal by developing and implementing new technologies.” 


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