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  • National Technology Day: Vedanta Aluminium commits to strengthening technology sectors with diverse aluminium portfolio

    Published on May 12, 2023

    New Delhi :On National Technology Day, Vedanta Aluminium, India’s largest aluminium producer, reaffirms its commitment to catering to the emerging demand for aluminium through its high-quality, indigenously developed products for the engineering and technology sectors. The company is constantly expanding its value-added product portfolio to maximize the hi-tech applications of metal.

    Globally, there are about 3,000 technological applications of aluminium across various industries, whereas India has explored only about 300 so far. Yet, India remains among the largest importers of aluminium in the world, despite having abundant bauxite reserves, the ore from which aluminium is obtained, and more than sufficient production capacity to meet the domestic demand. Vedanta Aluminium alone produces nearly 60% of India’s aluminium. It serves the needs of allied industries by exploring new technological applications of the metal and providing sector-specific customised products, thus strengthening the domestic value chain.

    Aluminium has emerged as a critical raw material for both, established and emerging sectors, in developing advanced technologies owing to its exceptional properties. These include a high strength-to-weight ratio, ductility, malleability, conductivity, corrosion-resistance, and the ability to be recycled repeatedly without losing its properties. The very nature and versatility of the metal provides durability to electronic goods and strength to gravity-defying spacecrafts.

    According to a recent World Bank report, aluminium is one of the key metals that will enable the transition to a low-carbon future, spurring its applications in diverse sectors. Vedanta Aluminium is highly regarded as the preferred supplier of aluminium products in technology-led critical sectors such as aerospace, defence, automotive, smart infrastructure and energy distribution. It is the first in India to offer a low carbon footprint, ‘green’ aluminium range, branded Restora and Restora Ultra, for customers seeking to decarbonise their operations. Its wide range of applications for current and future purposes is why aluminium is popularly referred to as the “metal of the future.”

    On the occasion of National Technology Day, Mr Rahul Sharma, CEO, Vedanta Limited – Aluminium Business, reiterated the role of aluminium in emerging technologies, “The world seeks to transition to a low-carbon future, one that is undoubtedly going to be metal intensive. Aluminium, with its unique properties, has established itself as the go-to metal for a slew of high-end technological applications. With one of the largest product portfolios in the world, Vedanta Aluminium is uniquely positioned to meet the rapidly-evolving requirements of our customers through increased product sophistication, unmatched quality, and operational excellence.”


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