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  • NCPA announces the return of Lok Gatha – an initiative that invites tribal and folk-dance forms to the forefront

    Published on January 24, 2024

     The National Centre for Performing Arts (NCPA) announces the return of ‘Lok Gatha’ – the platform that preserves and promotes tribal and folk traditions and rituals. It weaves in a rich cultural tapestry by combining different dance forms that sheds light into the diverse and rich heritage of India.

    Mark your calendars for the 25th of January at the Experimental Theatre, where the event will unfold with mesmerizing performances. Drawing inspiration from legendary figures and popular folklores, the evening will showcase the rhythmic wonders of Rajasthani folk dances and a captivating Kathak dance production featuring the acclaimed artists Shila Mehta and Maya Sapera. Join us for an enchanting experience that illuminates the cultural tapestry of India.

    Lok Gatha will feature –

    •            ‘Women Speak – inspired by Mahasati’ – An iconic figure in Indian literature, she triumphed over life’s challenges with her unwavering positive attitude. Mehta and Sapera collaborate to weave a unique narrative, blending Kathak with folk dance in an extraordinary fusion, delivering a story that is both brave and compelling, offering inspiration to all.

    •            Kalbeliya – Executed as a jubilant celebration, this dance holds a central role in the cultural tapestry of the ‘Kalbelia’ community, renowned for their expertise in snake charming. The rhythmic movements and melodious songs serve as sources of immense pride, acting as significant markers of identity for the Kalbelias. This dance form symbolizes the community’s creative resilience in adapting to evolving socio-economic conditions, highlighting its crucial role in shaping Rajasthani rural society.

    •            Terataali – Performed by Rajasthan’s Kamada tribe, this folk-dance feature 13 manjiras strategically attached to the dancers, who skilfully balance earthen pots on their heads. Accompanied by the music of the ektara (single-string instrument), the rhythmic beats are created by the manjiras.

    We welcome you to join us at the NCPA to witness inspiring performances that celebrates diversity through dance!

    Venue: Experimental Theatre 

    Date & Time: 25 January 2024 at 6:30 p.m.


    For Members – Rs. 270 and 180 /-

    For Non-Members – Rs. 300 and 200 /-


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