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  • Nishmanya Bahadur Completes 4850-Kilometre Solo Journey, Reaches Chennai on 10th Day; Discusses Challenges and Motivation

    Published on February 23, 2024

     Chennai : Nishmanya Bahadur, a YouTuber and auto enthusiast, embarked on his solo trip to cover the Golden Quadrilateral on February 12th and has now reached a milestone on his journey. The young auto enthusiast arrived in Chennai, marking the completion of an epic 4850-kilometre journey on the 10th day of his adventure.

    His trip has been filled with challenges, yet his determination has kept him going. Nishmanya’s daily routine starts early at 4:30 a.m., preparing the car and hitting the road. He takes regular breaks to stay alert and focused, ensuring safety during the long drives.

    Reflecting on his journey so far, Nishmanya shared, “It’s been a mix of physical and mental challenges, but the feeling of accomplishment and the adventure keep me going.” His solo journey has allowed him to explore new terrains and regions, making it a truly memorable experience.

    Sharing about the challenges encountered and his approach to overcoming them, Nishmanya revealed, “The challenges have been both mental and physical. Physically, the long hours of driving have led to muscle fatigue, especially after the first days. To combat this, I take regular breaks to stretch and prevent cramps in my shoulder and neck muscles. Mentally, staying focused can be tough, especially around 4-5 hours into the drive when attention starts to dip. To stay engaged, I listen to podcasts or audiobooks, or simply take a short break to walk around. While the lack of familiar faces on this solo journey can be lonely at times, the sense of accomplishment and the thrill of exploring new territories keep me motivated.”

    When asked about his plans to explore Chennai, the YouTuber shared, “This is my first-time exploring Chennai beyond work. I’ve only been here once for a brief meeting outside the city. I hope to take a leisurely stroll around.”

    “While I’ve heard a lot about the delicacies here, I’m trying to be cautious given the duration of my trip. I’m mostly sticking to safe options to ensure I stay in top shape for driving. However, I do have a sweet tooth, so I’m keen on trying some local delicacies, particularly Mysore Pak, a sweet treat native to this region. That’s the plan for my day in Chennai!” he further added.

    After Chennai, Nishmanya’s next stop is Bangalore. He plans to complete his journey and return to Mumbai by 26th February, which will be the 15th day of his trip.


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