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  • ‘No Filter’ – Power-packed event by 315Work Avenue discusses women’s challenges and successes at ‘Womenia 2021’

    Published on March 23, 2021

    Bangalore: To salute the spirit of resilient women who perform multiple roles in society, and more so during times like the pandemic, 315Work Avenue, a leading coworking space provider hosted an event, ‘No Filter’ as part of ‘Womenia 2021’ recently. The high-profile gathering featured leading women personalities and achievers from diverse domains who discussed the manifold challenges and the undying spirit of women to achieve success across domains today. The event also highlighted women’s role during the pandemic and their grit and determination to maintain work-life balance in these testing times.

    The renowned participants who were part of the event included Aruna Kantharaj, Trainer, Offline Sales and Operations, Deepti Chandy, COO, Anna Chandy and Associates involved in counselling services, Anita Tejwani, Influencer Marketer; Dhwani Bansal, Fashion Jewellery designer; Pramodini MS, Investment Banker; Puja Jolly, fashion designer and stylist and Smitha Dadhwal, HR Manager amongst others.

    The eminent speakers also discussed women challenging those around them to create a world of inclusivity and gender parity and the need for them to support each other to attain equality in both the personal and professional spheres. They also spoke on the need for collective action and togetherness by women to achieve their goals, whether big or small. Work-life balance, pressures at home, complexities at the workplace and the need to overcome all these challenges were also concerns expressed.

    Ms. Aruna Kantharaj, Trainer, Offline Sales and Operations, FloBiz, said: “It is important to make the right decisions and choices to succeed. This may mean that you have to challenge established prejudices about women in society and this has to be done through partnership. Individually, we are one drop. Together, we are an ocean. Once you have created space, it is important to upskill yourself, collaborate with others, learn, and then you speak the language of leadership. This is one of the surest roadways to success.”

    Ms. Deepti Chandy, Chief Operating Officer, Anna Chandy and Associates, said: “Collaboration is the key for women to succeed in all realms of society – whether it is in politics, economy and business, cultural spaces or in domestic spaces like home. We need to be creative and innovative in our responses to challenges, and for this, women need to support each other and ensure that their common vision is realised.”

    Commenting on the event, Mr. Manas Mehrotra, Founder, 315Work Avenue said: “315Work Avenue has always unwaveringly supported women from different walks of life and their efforts to succeed and take up leadership in diverse domains. We are glad that we could offer a platform like Womenia for them to share their experiences and success stories that could inspire many more women. We will continue to support their cause and endeavour to seek parity overcoming all odds. As part of this campaign, 315Work Avenue honoured & celebrated all the inspiring & motivating women from our country, who have showcased immense conviction & valour in their field of expertise & life. We are sure this campaign will inspire many other women to take one step forward in their life to take a lead, explore and succeed. We are glad that 315Work Avenue is championing all the moves made by women in their daily lives.”

    Studies have shown that the Covid-19 pandemic, for instance, has had regressive effects on working women – affecting their lives and livelihoods around the world, and impacting gender equality due to economic fallout. Women have come out triumphant under such conditions and this was also acknowledged by the speakers.


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