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  • Noida International University conducts student recruitment exercises in African countries

    Published on March 9, 2022

    Noida International University (NIU), one of the preferred educational institutions for foreign students, has conducted a five-day-long student recruitment exercise in various cities of Zambia, Southern Africa. The initiative was taken to make students aware of the efforts put in by Noida International University in terms of the desired course curriculum, diverse learning environment and dynamic teaching pedagogy.

    NIU’s International Admissions Team helmed by Ms. Alkananda (Dy. Director Admissions and International Relations) and Ms. Sheeradeep Kaur (Manager International) visited Lusaka, Zambia from February 27 to March 3. The International Admissions Team conducted Student Recruitment Exercise with local representatives to increase visibility, networking and collaboration with associate partners for student outreach. The team interacted with students from various cities of Zambia.

    “Keeping in mind India’s external economic policy, we have given a special emphasis to the African countries. Over the past decade, universities are looking at international students as more than just a way to increase tuition revenue and add diversity to campus. International students are becoming a bigger part of the overall demand for Indian higher education and competing with Indian students for seats in classrooms, marketing and recruitment, and financial aid, to name a few things.

    During the team’s stay in Zambia, they conducted various seminars and found that students of Zambia were quite interested in Allied Health Sciences and Engineering programmes. After every seminar, a Q&A session was also conducted in which the floor was open for students to ask questions related to eligibility criteria for courses and scholarships offered by NIU.


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