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  • Ohana Media Announces Launch of OhanaQB – Audience Marketing Platform

    Published on March 2, 2011

    Hyderabad: Ohana Media, a technology driven advertising startup from India, today announced the launch of its audience marketing platform – OhanaQB.

    OhanaQB enables marketers, publishers and online businesses to understand their audiences better by building audience clouds that capture implicit and explicit user intents & actions. Using advanced user segmentation technology, OhanaQB allows marketers to discover which audience clusters contribute the most to their business by revenue, profitability or engagement. The platform also features actionable audience intent analytics that allows marketers to build personalized marketing experiences for each member in their audience cloud, and deliver millions of these experiences through OhanaQB.

    “The OhanaQB platform was developed in close collaboration with a select set of marketers from a variety of business domains including finance, telecom, ecommerce, travel and pharmaceuticals – these early adopters of the platform helped us refine the product for general availability.”, said Vivek Sharma, CEO at Ohana Media.

    “Self-learning algorithms in OhanaQB continuously look at audience data and generate automated recommendations to help improve ROI from a marketer’s perspective. However, QB is not just about data and insights – it enables you to take action based on those insights as well. The platform is integrated across all the digital touch-points including search, display, social media, email and direct website visits – this lets marketers create and deliver highly relevant cross-channel marketing messages at scale, without spending days setting up and optimizing campaigns or collating reports from various sources.” added Shameek Chakravarty, COO at Ohana Media.