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  • Friday, September, 2023| Today's Market | Current Time: 12:55:38
  • By Ms. Suganthi , Gaming Expert
    Online gaming popularity is skyrocketing among Indian youth. Playing online games is enormous fun to enjoy quality time alone. Gamers can also share achievements on social media for instant gratification and recognition. How far is such fun harmless? The question is vital for gamers of all ages said by Experts at Online gaming content platform Lucky Raja.
    The answer is ‘responsible gaming’. This article discusses this concept and how to be a responsible online gamer.     

    What is online gaming? 
    Online gaming is a conglomerate term consisting of different types of digitised web-based games:● e-sports 
    ● online casinos 
    ● Online poker 
    ● Lottery 
    ● Different card games 

    The industry is emerging. At the beginning of the industry, there were desktop-based gaming apps, which have slowly given place to web apps and mobile applications. As an example, e-sports, fantasy sports are comparatively new entrants compared to online poker, slots and other digitised casino games. Add to that the latest developments in innovating gaming experiences–virtual reality, augmented reality and many more. However, one thing that distinguishes online gaming is the necessity of SKILLS to win.  

    What you can and cannot achieve in online gaming? 
    Online gaming has its share of unique BENEFITS. We may overlook, but these benefits are very tangible. 
    ● It’s engaging, helps to jog the brain – A round of gaming is a source of intense exercise for our memory, analytical ability, concentration and other complex cognitive skills.

    ● Social connections – In our busy lives, online gaming can be a new way to connect socially; even families can get together over a gaming round. 

    ● Learning life skills – Online games give young gamers realistic exposure to challenges, like time management, communication, money management, working in a group, negotiations. These life skills are essential for leading a successful life.  

    ● Stress relief – Online gaming can be an excellent stress buster. Stress relief is the single biggest reason for the popularity of online gaming.    
    Despite these ENORMOUS benefits, we only harp on the misadventures in gaming. These are entirely avoidable if we become conscious and practice ‘responsible gaming’.      

    It is a vast concept. For gamers, responsibility comes from the following factors:  

    1. Learn to make informed-decision – the real fun is in informed decision making and not in winning solely by chance. Gaming information, like 10cric review, rizk casino review, are readily accessible online. Check reputed online gaming review sites, like LuckyRaja for a regular dose of gaming reviews and news.  

    2. Set boundaries while gaming – try to play on weekends and holidays, with friends and family members; and do not disturb family chores and responsibilities.   

    3. Set time limits – Playing at a stretch for long hours can cause brain fatigue. Short breaks and physical movements are essential in between gaming indulgences.   

    4. Limit gaming budget – strictly set the budget for in-app purchases or wagering activities and never cross that budget at any cost. It helps to learn financial discipline.  

    5. Gaming with people you know – interaction with real people is always rewarding than partner with strangers for gaming.  

    6. Take a regular gaming break – it is a way to detox addictive gaming habits; helps to rejuvenate the brain and stops improving gaming skills.  

    Are you a responsible gamer? Know it yourself 
    It is easy to answer. Follow the factors of game responsibilities. Are you complying at least four out of six aspects mentioned above? You are on track. Otherwise, you need to practice more actively. As a gaming content platform Lucky Raja actively promotes RESPONSIBLE GAMING and helps develop gaming skills among online beginners and experienced Indian gamers .Please understand RESPONSIBLE GAMING is not a learn-and-forget trick. It is a constant journey of conscious efforts to enjoy online gaming with all its range of benefits. For more information visit https://www.luckyraja.com/.


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