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  • Saturday, December, 2022| Today's Market | Current Time: 08:03:54
  • With the world going digital, small and big businesses alike are trying to mark their presence in all the social media platforms which are available in the market to amplify their messages. However, that might be the wrong way to amplify a message and the big question is should one be available on every single platform that is available. 

    The Right Social Media Platform Is the Key 

    Even though online marketers want to make their products and services available on all platforms, the truth is that the key to successful business lies in choosing the right platforms. Being available on all the platforms does not amplify the message instead it dilutes the message. The reason being marking presence in all the platforms requires splicing and dicing the marketing budget. The marketing budget gets redistributed in numerous channels including the ones that do not even have your target audience. Just like real estate, online marketers should also take care of the location, which in this case is the right social media platform. 

    Which Social Platform To Choose?

    For instance, suppose you make software products. For such B2B companies, marketing their product on Instagram or Facebook will prove useless if the return on investment is considered. However, featuring and marketing it on LinkedIn is the right move as this is the platform where people engage themselves to talk about new technology and their business needs. Similarly, you can also host events for the potential clients to enlighten them about the new piece of software which you would want them to attend. In such a scenario, you might want your content writer to create content in a blog or a website and share it on LinkedIn to get the right lead. 

    On the other hand, if you are an upcoming fashion model, Facebook and Instagram is the right platform to show your portfolio photos. On top of it, you can also use Instagram to cover Reels which are getting too much attention right now to show the behind the scene videos which might interest your audience to know more about you. Similarly, you can upload on IGTV to show how to make the right poses for getting a picture. Sharing the same status on multiple platforms including WhatsApp Status,Attitude Status will convey to your audience that you are really passionate about what you are doing. However, one might ask shouldn’t be a model or a home baker be on LinkedIn too? The answer is yes if you know that the clients of your industry are using this platform to connect with upcoming models or for taking corporate orders if you are a homemaker. However, if your goal does not align with the objective that LinkedIn provides, it is best you stay away from it and focus on other social media platforms where your target audience is actively present. LinkedIn is the right platform only if you are doing B2B marketing and not B2C marketing as its user base consists of professionals. On the other hand, if your content requires you to produce visual content, you can mark your presence on Instagram and Pinterest. 

    The Reality 

    Marketers need to remind themselves that it takes time to build a profile on any platform. With tight budgets and time, the goal of any marketer should be to focus on the right platform and use the resources available to get loyal audiences in the selected and appropriate platform instead of being everywhere and diverting the resources with less to no target audiences. For choosing the right platform, a marketer should try to answer the following four questions: Where is the target audience? Where is my target audience most active? Where is my target audience searching? And what niche social media platforms are right for me? These questions suggested by Neil Patel can help you to choose the right social media platform to market your products and services. 

    Marketing on social media platforms might look bewildering but many things get clearer once the identification of the target audience is made. Also, it is important to realize that different social media platforms require different types of content and one should try to create slight variation in the content that they are producing to make it suitable for different social media platforms to attract the required audiences. 


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