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  • Organic & Millets Expo and Bazar inaugurated

    Published on March 15, 2019

    Hyderabad :The five day Organic & Millets Expo and Bazar inaugurated here in the city today at Kamma Sangham at Ameerpet by Ms. Madhavai, Managing Director of BigMarketeer.  Nirupa of BigMarketeer,  D.Ramchandram and other industry experts graced the inauguration function .

    The five day event which is conceived by Madhavi and Nirupa, mothers who upon search for Organic Food for the wellness of the family and found couple of year back that awareness was not much for the same. Then they embarked on organising such exhibitions to create more awareness for the Organic and Natural products.  They have been organising such exhibitions for the past couple of years. Now they plan to take these events to all over two Telugu states.

    It is our mission. It is not a profit venture for us.  This is our way of giving back to society by spreading benefits of going natural, informed Madhavi. We have been doing it as our passion, he informed.

    Interacting with media Madhavi said, the exhibition has 50 stalls and six experts addressing sessions of public interest every day at 3pm for next five days.  Entry is free all are invited and it is open from 10am to 8pm.

    Speaking further answering a question from the media, Madhavi said why organic produce are so expensive.  They are expensive because time is money. They  take more time to produce crops. Because they don’t use chemicals and growth hormones unlike conventional farming.  Another factor is organic food supply is limited as compared to demand. That is why they are sold at higher price. If more and more people go organic more and more farmers will get into organic farming, she added.

    Organic products are pricey because when they don’t use chemicals, they need to spend more on labour.  Demand overwhelms supply.  Organice farmers use crop follow crop rotation. So they can not produce in large quantities.  Even they need to put in lot of efforts to get Organic Certification. These are some of the reasons why Organic Products are pricey., informed Madhavi.

    Since there is a craze for organic products lot of people are claiming to be organic.  How to know whether a particular product is Organic or not? You must check certificates and also try samples. See the background of the individual or organization promoting such produce. Go online and find out their credentials on the Google informed G. Shivaram, Incharge of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh of Organic India Pvt. Ltd.

    One of the exhibitors Ancient Living is showcasing good old traditional indoor games.  WE are working on reviving these long forgotten games in the race for modernization, adds the exhibitor. These games have gone extinct. Ancient Living displayed Board Games printed Earth Friendly Fabric games such as Ashtachemma, Sanke and Ladder, Ashapada, Vamana Guntalu, Daadi, Pachisi, Puli Meka and others.

    We are organising more seminars.  We have invited experts who could clarify doubts of common people. Some of the knowledge sharing sessions scheduled include an Interactive Session held today with Padmasri Awardee Dr. Y. Venkateswara Rao and Muralidhar.  Another interactive session held today was with successful organic and millet farmers  Lavanya Reddy and Ramana Reddy

    Ragothama Reddy and Ravi Chandra will speaking on 16th March at 4pm   DR. Khader Valli will address on 17th from 10am to 1pm.

    Natural and Organic Food is the new buzz word in the market place in the city now a days. Organic foods are witnessing a widespread popularity, not just in the city, but, all over the world.

    In this light of background, BigMarketeer, a Hyderabad based Organic Food Events specialist is organising “Organic & Millets Expo & Bazar’.

    Looking at the craze people without any knowledge are going and buying organic food products randomly.  They need to be educated. They are getting confused with so much jargon.   The moment you walk into any departmental store, you will witness big banners trying to catch our attention with the words “Organic”, ‘Natural Food”, “Super Food”;  “Healthy Foods”; “Non-GMO(Genetically Modified Organisms);  Gluten-free; sugar-free; oil-free; grain-free; fat-free; wheat bread and others. These tags confuse people.  We want to create awareness to people about these things, informed Nirupa of BigMarketeer.

    50 exhibitors will showcase various products and produces. Some of  the exhibitors include Eco Grills; KollapuriSattva Eco Concept LLP; Millet For Sale.com; Moon Foods; Organic India; Organic Patriarch; Pranathi Health Foods; Sri Samruddhi; Sri SriTattava; Areaca Tea; , Natural Products, MyOrganics, GK Naturals, Dhieo Bio, SreeRakhadi Bio , Telugu Traditional Foods and others