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  • Pancreas Transplant is not the solution for the Diabetis, opined experts. Artificial Pancreas Devise is not practically possible, experts told the gathering

    Published on October 14, 2018

    Hyderabad: Gavin Griffith, a British Marathonor with Type 1 Diabetes who ran 4000kms in 100 Marathons across the globe in the last one decade was the main attraction at the Charity Run held at HICC on Sunday morning held as part of ISFAD 2018 in the city. 350 children with Type 1 Diabetic participated in the run.  Many Diabetic Doctors who are suffering from it also participated.

    Diabetes has become an epidemic. Lakhs of kids affected worldwide sentenced to lifelong medication. Science is striving to find a cure to this chronic disease says Diabetic Specialists assembled in the city for the 44th Annual meet.  But how close are we? asked families of the kids who are suffering from the disorder?

    Childhood and Adolescent Diabetes experts comprised of Endocrinologists, Diabetologists, Diabetes Educators, Dieticians, Psychologists, and other specialties, from 59 countries participated in the run.

    The theme being “Reaching the Unreached”, a Charity Run was organized featuring Gavin Griffiths from the UK, a London Olympic Torchbearer, and ‘DiAthlete’ –  an ultra-endurance athlete who has run 25 marathons in 30 days this year to show that any dream is still possible whilst living with diabetes.

    Gavin shared that he has been participating in the Marathons for the past 20 years.  During this time I participated in 100 marathons and run 4000 km. he said. It is my first visit to Hyderabad.   Earlier I visited Goa for a holiday. Now I am going to Delhi and Mumbai to participate in similar runs and to create awareness about Type 1 Diabetes.  He participated in the run along with his  Dietician Paula from Costa Rica who is also a Type 1 Diabetic.

    Biryani is the most preferred cuisine by many in the UK.  I eat Biryani at least once or twice a month..  I calculate my Blood Glucose levels and eat Biryani, he told.  I visited Golconda Fort and I am impressed with it, he shared

    Dr. Apoorva, a Doctor from Delhi, who is also a Type 1 Diabetic said that she was going to participate in New York City 40 Kms Marathon Run to be held in November.

    Despite many efforts and advancement in Science, still, no cure for diabetes is found.   Most treatments help patients manage the symptoms to a certain extent, the experts added at Question and Answer session.

    A Question and Answer session organized at the end of the Charity Run at ISPAD 2018.   A group of specialists— Paediatric Diabetic Specialists—Dr. Phil Zeitler, USA; Dr. Lori Laffez, USA: Dr. Carmel Smart, Australia; Dr. Thomas Danne, Germany, Dr. Apoorva Gomber; Dr. Carne Beaufort from Luxemburg answered patiently many questions over a period of one and half hour.

    Why can’t we have Pancreas Transplant  the similar way of Heart, Kidneys, Lungs, and Liver Transplants,  asked few parents the global experts?

    A pancreas transplant can restore normal insulin production no doubt and improve blood sugar control in people with diabetes.  However, it’s not a standard treatment. The Auto-Immune System may destroy it they replied. 

    When experts asked about Artificial Pancreas Device Systems, the doctors replied that the device is big, can’t be fixed inside the body and has to be supplied insulin from outside and as of now it is not much of use.


    Responding to another question about indigenous medication that some people use as an alternative to Insulin, the experts opined that patients shouldn’t experiment.  It can be dangerous to health. Gavin Griffith added that one of his Indian friends has gone for alternatives to Insulin and subsequently developed medical complications and died.

    People wanted to know if there were oral alternatives such as tablets instead of Injection, Doctors informed that there was no alternative to Insulin which they can use with the help of pen, pump or injection.

    The experts also dispelled a myth that one need not have family history to get Diabetes.  One out of ten affected with Diabetes has a family history, they stated.

    Anyone can get Type 1 Diabetes. Even one month old can get it, they replied to another question.

    To avoid needle pricks to check blood glucose levels, the patients advised using Technology and devices such as CGM Sensors.

    You cant replace Insulin with Diet and Exercise.  Insulin is a must and it is a life saviour, they told.

    One mother asked doctors if she had done anything wrong what is why her son got Type 1 Diabetes?   The experts said Type 1 Diabetes can occur to anyone and in any age.  Gavin Griffith added, “my Prime Minister, who is 50years old has Type 1”. 

    Doctors told that if the child gets Type 1, they remain with it.  However, adults with Type 2 can get Type 1.

    No one knows the cure for Diabetes. If a cure is discovered he will get Noble Peace Prize said Dr. Carne Beaufort from Luxembourg

    Financially needy patients advised approaching the government for free Diabetic strips and subsidized medication.

    Replying to another question they said, Yoga and Meditation can help reduce glucose fluctuations which intern can help reduce the dosage of Insulin.

    Kids with Type 1 can eat Banana, Rice, and Potatoes as curry but not as Potato Chips.  However, they must also take the appropriate amount of Insulin.

    Earlier 350 kids from all over India participated in the 2.5 and 5kms Charity Run which as guided by Gavin Griffith. Gavin also made all participants warm up before the Run.

    A visually challenges person, who became Type 1 recently and a student of Political Science at Hyderabad University also participated in the Run.  I used special devices which speak to me on how much insulin I need to take etc, he shared with the audience.

    The biggest ever ISPAD 2018 conference of Childhood and Adolescent Diabetes experts concluded on Sunday evening.  The conference held first time in India at Hyderabad.


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