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  • Tuesday, July, 2019| Today's Market | Current Time: 03:35:06
  • Opening up a brick and mortar business is hard enough to do with all the financing and networking that needs to happen before a budding enterprise can successfully launch. There are many elements that go into creating that perfect first impression and so much more that could ruin it.

    It is a big job to impress both internal and external customers. However, Joshua’s Pest Control is doing just that by providing both inspection and treatment services. While some pests are more likely to occur in offices rather than restaurants or vice versa, it is imperative that all businesses receive an inspection. This will help alleviate any potential problems and may even be a deal breaker on the lot in question. A good pest control company will come with a Plan A and a Plan B for any client. Why do you want a pest control company?

    1. To find any problem areas where pests are likely to appear

    2. Create a treatment plan to ward off insects or other undesirable wildlife

    3. Follow up services to ensure protection

    Mice Aren’t Nice

    It is just as likely for a restaurant to have mice as it is for a person’s home. They moved in because they had easy access to all the tasty morsels being left in the cabinet. The better access to food, the more likely to attract mice—and a lot of them. Furthermore, just like at home, business owners have no control over the neighbors.

    This can leave any other facility in the area at risk for mice as well. Having a pest control inspection will ensure that owners know if having mice is more that just a hypothetical. Remember, if you chose a place next to that tasty place for lunch, chances are the mice are choosing it also.

    Cockroaches All Over

    Another sticky situation that a business owner may find, is cockroaches. Roaches rely on very little to survive and employees consistently leaving spilled food on the counter can be enough to attract them. They also happen to be omnivorous, eating both meat and plants. Strangely enough, they will also eat a variety of other things, including nylon and cardboard boxes in a pinch, which is exactly what an opening business has, lots of boxes. It becomes imperative that an inspection is performed to ensure that all previous residents have vacated the property and intend to stay out.

    Slug and Snail Gardens

    Some facilities are prone to one type of pest than another. A store that specializes in home and garden is likely to see snails and slugs in their garden departments. These pests feed on the various parts of plants, including leaves and stems, faster than the plant can grow. This can make them detrimental to any business growing plants and flowers for its bread and butter.

    The great news is that there are several ways in which to mitigate their ability to damage the plants and flowers. Some may involve the use of chemicals but check to see if your chosen company offers an organic solution instead. It will be healthier for the plants as well as the other animals and people around them. Without having a pest control inspection, snails and slugs could devastate a greenhouse or garden.

    Pest control is not something that should be considered just in warm weather. It should be performed several times a year for preventive measures. Just because an insect cannot be seen does not mean it is not around. Some varieties go into hibernation, others may hide in a different area until ideal conditions return. It is fairly safe to say that one or two treatments are generally not going to be enough to get rid of an infestation. Moreover, it is easier to stop pests from moving in than it is to get rid of them once they take up residence.

    Anyone considering opening a business should look into more than just the plastic plants in the corner, there is a lot to do. Between hiring the staff and ordering supplies, this one item may fall through the cracks. Regardless of the type of business being opened or even the location, pest control inspections are a necessary part of creating a great first impression. The last thing the receptionist needs is for the roaches to be shaking hands with customers.