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  • Pita Pit, the Canadian Quick Service restaurant launches in Park Square Mall, Whitefield Road

    Published on March 5, 2019

    Canadian quick service restaurant, Pita Pit has entered the South Indian market with its first restaurant in Ascendas Park Square Mall, Whitefield Road, Bengaluru. Pita Pit offers customized, healthy and nutritious Pita Sandwiches. It provides a healthy alternative to high carb, high fat, fast food.


    Pita Pit features a full-fledged fast casual menu allowing it to address all daily segments – breakfast, lunch, snacks, dinner and late night. It offers fully customizable and endless combinations for its customers. Every Pita, Salad or Rice Bowl (with high quality brown rice) is customizable and includes customer choice of several types of lettuce, spinach leaves, premium vegetables, delectable spreads, cheeses and sauces, meat options, vegetarian and vegan options.  With a broad offering of soups, sides and premium beverages, the product offering is diverse and attracts a broad spectrum of customers including millennials, urban professional and active & health conscious families.


    Founded in 1995, in Ontario, Canada, PitaPit today has over 650 restaurants across 13 countries including US, Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Ireland and the Middle East among others. “One of the reasons why I think we’re really successful internationally is we allow them to tweak the menu. If you’re from India, it’s very different from what’s on the menu in New Zealand. It also allows different restaurants to have their own ingredients and special sauces familiar to their region” said Mr. Dylan Powell, Director of Strategic Development for Pita Pit International.


    The Company entered the South Indian market through, Muvi Concept Restaurants Private Limited, its master franchisee for South and West India. “We are looking at opening 50 restaurants over the next 3 years across 10 major cities in South & West India with focus in Tech Cities like Bengaluru, Hyderabad and Pune, followed by Mumbai, Ahmedabad and Cochin” said, Ms. Rashi Agarwal, Managing Director, Muvi.


    “One of our key motives apart from the business of providing heathy fast food is going to be empowering more women in business across our supply chain. Being a mother of two myself I know the challenges faced when we try to get back to work. Our head of operations for the South and West regions, Namrata Banerjee, has proved to be a wonderful value add. We want to provide a work culture that appreciates the flexibility required by women at work”, she continued.


    The Company already has presence in North India with 14 restaurants being operated, the first one being launched at Cyber Hub, Gurgaon in Nov 2013. The brand is growing very aggressively in the country with approx. 10 restaurants under construction in various metro cities of India. It recently opened a restaurant at the Delhi Airport and RMZ Eco world, a Tech Park in Bengaluru, with two more restaurants planned by Mar 2019, in partnership with HMS Host.


    Pita Pit has been well accepted and enjoyed by the North Indian market, especially the urban workforce. We expect the same positive feedback from the South Indian market as we intend to target the urban professionals especially the tech workforce and the health-conscious families looking for healthy and fun to eat alternatives.” said, Mr. Virat Mohan, CEO of Pita Pit India.