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  • Piyush Dimri, Founder Of Launchigo Media: The Young Entrepreneur From A Skilled Gamer, Know His Tactical Methods

    Published on April 9, 2021

    With the present world situations, there is a lot to be proud of, especially to people who have remained to stay motivated throughout the lockdown time period. Indeed, a lot of people tend to give up when they are faced with difficulties and challenges but most of the time the entrepreneurs who know their tactics and methods strategically do not usually back down. One such person with an inspiring journey towards the path of professionalism and professional entrepreneurship is Piyush Dimri‘s. This young man from Lucknow started out very young and dedicated almost more than half of his life to achieving his goals. 

    Have you ever wondered, where do people actually get the motivation from their work? According to Piyush, “The difficult situations are one of the most inspiring things and it eats me up from inside to realise that I’ve left one stone unturned. I have to crack every situation down and find out the most efficient as well as an effective solution to things. After all, this is the true joy of entrepreneurship, you know things and to think about them from a different outlook.”

    Piyush Dimri had a very different journey than most people anticipate. As a child, he was not really interested in studying and learning things. He had some different levels of interest and wanted to indulge in the world of gaming. No matter how much people told him that playing games are not actually going to land him on a particular professional career, he thought otherwise. He knew very well that he can work as a professional gamer provided the opportunity. But for him, studying was also important because those are the basics. 

    Piyush managed to balance both of these things carefully and soon he was done with it. For the most part of his life, he remembers being passionate about games and looking at them from a different angle. This helped him to improve his strategies also along with his way of dealing with certain challenging situations. Being the daring gamer that he is, he makes bold moves not only on screen but also in real life. After all, this was something he enjoyed and wanted to do. There is no point in doing something and establishing a career in a work environment where you have no interest.

    Growing up, Piyush Dimri’s concept of the world was developing at a rapid pace. Internet was something new back then but in recent times it has expanded by leaps and bounds. As soon as he understood that how much exposure an online platform is capable of providing him, he soon got to work. Obviously, normal people would look it up online about how they could earn money. But not everything that is suggested works out, doing deeper research was his first objective. He knew very well that not every suggestion is going to work therefore the trial and error method would be useful at this point in time. It was very frustrating to fail a couple of times but he never gave up, it was never in his nature to let things be as they are. striving for more is a way of life for Piyush. 

    The greatest breakthrough came through in 2014. He had collected quite a sum of money so that he could invest in something useful. Though there was a sense of uncertainty, he could not let his concerns hold him back from taking his first big step. There is no point in pondering over the things that could possibly go wrong, and there was a greater sense of advantage in thinking about the things that could indeed go right. Soon enough, he stopped thinking about earning money and started thinking wisely about life, focusing more on his career. Then came the saviour who gave Piyush the idea of launching Launchigo Media, the best Digital Marketing and Branding Company in India. As soon as he heard about it, he knew that this was it. He had to become a digital marketer. This company had changed his entire life. It took him quite some time to establish his company properly but it was no big deal since he was sure that he is investing in something great. Although they were lesser in number, they managed to pull off the workload efficiently, making the best out of their limited resources and creating such an established work environment that this soon started to earn huge amounts of profit. The number of clients and the exposure expanded, and now it stands to be a successful company, allowing to the efforts of Piyush Dimri and his dedicated team. Now, he does not have to worry about making money online because being a Digital Marketer earns him enough. 

    “The key to success is not self-doubt but the trial and error method. Every person must go through things and realise what is not meant for them in order to find out their true calling” says the current leading Digital Marketer Piyush Dimri.