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    Planning to invest in a new mattress? 5 platforms that can help you with your search

    Published on September 29, 2021

    Mattress is one of most essential things in our daily life. The comfort a person seeks during sleep after a long tiring day is the most prominent one. Having comfortable mattress is a key step of having a good orthopedic health. There is no thing such good mattress and bad mattress. Any mattress that provides the best support for the body and feel the most comfortable with sleeping posture is a good mattress. A best mattress will keep spine positon in neutral position while lying on either side front or back. If a mattress does not meet the personal preferences it results in compromised comfort, interrupted sleep and eventually causing back pain, muscle pain and stiffness in body.

    There are some platforms which can help you select the best mattress suitable for your need and comfort.


    SleepyPanda, a comfortable, innovative, and affordable brand in the modern bedding space is being a great relief to many by helping them with better sleep, and providing support to body postures, while working from home in particular. This orthopedic memory foam mattress brand have witnessed an increasing demand from tier 1 and 2 cities in the country within a year. The mattresses are neither firm nor soft, being a blend of comfort, and technology it offers utmost level of comfort, and are designed in a way keeping in mind human physiology and the orthopedic requirement. As work from home increased the burden of work pressure followed by stress, body ache, shoulder pain, lack of sleep, and low productivity a personalized mattress can be a great companion to be fit.


    Peps is another popular spring mattress manufacturer in India that also makes other types of mattresses for varied uses. And, as we said, they’re better known for making spring mattresses that are made of excellent quality Bonnell springs and PU foam quilt for plush comfort. The Spiral lock technology prevents the springs from displacement or breaking due to tossing or pressure. These are the reversible mattresses that can be used from both sides and could last for several years. They don’t offer any trial period. However, you can ask for a refund if the mattress has any defects or didn’t match your specifications.

    The Sleep Company

    The Sleep Company is another growing mattress brand in India that makes highly comfortable mattresses using their patented SmartGRID technology. Their mattress not only ensures comfortable sleep but also reduces your back pain significantly over a period of time. This is mainly possible because of the SmartGRID technology that utilizes pressure points to reduce body aches. The company also promises 100 nights free trial and up to 10 years warranty with free shipping in India.


    Duroflex is a 5 decade old mattress brand in India that also makes several other sleeping accessories with good quality and at best price. Their beds are vacuum packed in a box for easy shipping and can revert back to their original size once you get it out of the box. Their mattresses are crafted/designed for every need like traveling, back aches, good comfort and support.


    Springtek is another popular Indian mattress brand that makes affordable sleep mattresses for varied uses. They have a customer base of over 1M and still counting, with amazing positive reviews on Amazon, Flipkart, Google and Pepperfry. Springtek offers 30 nights of risk free trial after which you can return and get the full refund in case if you don’t like the quality. They also offer best-in class warranty of up to 11 years on their mattresses.