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  • Sunday, July, 2024| Today's Market | Current Time: 04:23:17
  • ~A Smart Mirror providing a high degree of personalization, form-analysis and feedback, variety of workout choices, performance tracking, time flexibility and affordability to consumers ~

    The growth plan

    Launched in March 2021, Portl is a Smart Mirror based personalized fitness & wellness device that fits seamlessly within your home. Funded by Kalaari Capital at the seed stage, portl has pre-orders mainly from Hyderabad and Bangalore as on date. The expansion into newer cities will drive more revenue for the company in the coming months. The team is metro focused and plan to range the Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi & Chennai markets in the next one year. With a $18 Bn market size in the personalized fitness category which is rapidly growing, Portl projects to capture a 10% of market share in the next 3 years. Another round of investment is also in the works and being planned currently. Portl affords people the flexibility to choose their workout time, the autonomy to actively adopt healthier practices around their lifestyle and helps constantly improve overall health. The combination of a sleek, space-saving Smart Mirror with a high degree of workout personalization and wellness services has enabled the team to achieve over 200% growth in the past few months.

    The need-gap

    Portl revolutionizes the personalization aspect at scale, with smart sensors that correct a user’s form in real-time while they perform exercises in front of the mirror. Each individual gets programs customized to them that ensure highly relevant and engaging content from the instructors on-demand and via live classes. Indraneel Gupta, Founder & CEO, Portl & Vishal Chandapeta, Founder & CTO have over five years of experience in the fitness industry, serving the needs of large fitness and wellness businesses. During the time, they learnt immensely about the customers’ needs, their pain-points and overall habits when it comes to fitness as a lifestyle. The experience helped them build Portl and address the unmet requirements of the consumers across personalization, convenience and deliver a holistic approach to overall health. The team believes that with the advances in technology, fitness isn’t just limited to a gym, but it’s something that can be accessed on-demand at home. In today’s world, both existing and first-time fitness users don’t have to be intimidated by a gym environment either due to the Covid concerns or due to not having the requisite access, knowledge to quality training. Instead, they have the luxury of receiving guided workouts and personalized programs at-home and truly understand their bodies better.

    The product features

    With Portl, one gets access to hundreds of workouts on-demand and live across HIIT, Strength, Dance Fitness, Endurance, Yoga, Mindfulness and Nutrition Coaching. The device is also equipped with bio-sensors that measure a user’s Blood pressure, Glucose, ECG, Respiratory rate and much more, which helps to personalize routines keeping the users’ overall health status in perspective. The convenience, form-factor, personalisation aspects of the Portl products really shine through with the sleek Smart Mirror design; the overall product features were designed keeping in mind the evolving needs of the consumers.The team spent a lot of time researching the engagement and motivational aspects of staying committed to fitness and making healthier choices on a daily basis. Within the Portl system, there is a use of subtle gamification and engagement mechanisms to help users stay consistent, and focused on efforts while delivering personalization at a granular level. The AI engine enables customers to dynamically adjust programs based on the proprietary Portl movement metrics; the real-time form-feedback mechanisms help to perform activities with the correct technique. Portl tailors programs across a wide variety of workout formats to keep users engaged, all the while helping them achieve their overall goals.


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